A new navi

The metroline stopped with an electric "deceleration". The sound wasn't unusual, nor was it special. Raymond had opted to stand, and emerged from the car first. No one seemed to be getting on, which probably made some sense. He didn't know this town, but had heard it had the least dangerous viruses he'd be able to find. Considering how recently he'd obtained Maltese.EXE, he knew he needed to start with something easy. They'd need to get familiar with each other, and that'd take time. He adjusted the earpiece, and spoke softly to Maltese.

"Alright, we're in ACDC. Now to figure out how to get to the actual network."

He climbed the stairs to street level, and was assaulted by the scent of fresh air. He took a deep breath, but didn't react otherwise. He looked around for passers-by, locals, who he could talk to for information. He was, after all, a Netopian. He didn't exactly blend in, either. It wasn't like he looked evil. He wouldn't get anywhere at this rate.

There seemed to be very few people in town. Not entirely unheard of, but unusual, he assumed. OR maybe entirely usual, it might just be one of those towns. He gave the one-eighty view in front of him the once over. Park, chip shop, some houses beyond those. He walked over to the park, and found himself staring at a squirrel statue. He looked it over, and there was, in fact, a port for jacking in. He contemplated the act, then wondered if it would actually connect him to ACDCnet at all. He opted not to fight out, at this moment. Later, maybe, if he didn't forget. He walked over to the swing, and sat down, pulling out the PET, and addressing Maltese.

"So, Malt. What do you think we should try?"

"Not really my choice. You're the net-op."

"Fat lot of help you are. Maybe a local will show up, tell me what's hooked up to the main network and what isn't."

He certainly could only hope so. Otherwise he'd be sitting on this swing until he had to head back to that seedy motel he'd gotten a room in at the last minute. It was cheap, and they didn't rent hourly, so he figured it was okay, overall. He was here on business. Or, properly, to find some business. Netopia seemed to have no use for such a dedicated detective. At least he was sort of normal when he wasn't working.
Twenty minutes later, Raymond sighed heavily. No one seemed to be around. He looked around the swing set a bit, and stood up. He walked a lap around the park. It wasn't like he had anything better to do. He inevitably found himself standing in front of a water fountain with a port for jacking in.

It wasn't like there seemed to be much choice, you know? Nobody was around, this had a port. He went ahead and did it, risk was inevitable. He blinked, pointing the laser-dot from his PET at it. He pushed the button, and the transfer was set. It only took an instant after that.

"Maltese.EXE, Linked, Transfer."

[[Transferring Maltese.EXE to Fountaincomp, offshoot of ACDC Network]]