Beep, beep, smash!

Drowsy, unfocused ember eyes looked sheepishly at the alarm clock. It was 6 am, and Kordello gave a rather loud and exaggerated yawn. However, as soon as his senses kicked in, the aroma of pancakes, syrup and oranges filled his being. Stretching and yawning took place in his morning routine followed by a quick scratch of his butt and a tummy roll as he marched his way towards the bathroom. His long brown hair which was now curly and bed head, was rather wild looking as he stared at himself in the mirror. Eyes half opened and squinting due the light, he turned the water on and splashed his face with invigorating cold water. Flipping the light switch, as if he was struck with some sort of horrifying news, his eyes widened...His door was locked last night...who was in his apartment?

He cautiously made his way towards the kitchen, sneaking his way under the bar table peaking out just barely enough to see who was making all this delicious looking food! Eyes gazed towards a woman with long red hair, tight jeans and a pink shirt. He turned himself around and slid down the side of the wall giving a sigh of relief. It was only Cherry, his current girlfriend...

Wait! That's not right! Kordello got up quickly and strolled into the kitchen. A rather serious look plastered over his unshaved face. Cherry looked up at him with a smile, spatchula in one hand and...some sort of goo the other. She leaned up to him and kissed his cheek sweetly as if the look of seriousness was just for show.

"How...did you get in here?" he finally asked and scratching the back of his head, "The door was locked tight, I had the door bolted when I came in, there is no way you could have got in here. And for damn certain I did not give you a key! I don't—"

"Shush...breakfast will be done shortly. Have a seat and drink some OJ," she said in a rather commanding voice.

Kordello was weeping on the inside, he was beaten! He trudged towards the kitchen table and picked up the newspaper. Reading through some of the articles, it still seemed like the same ol', same ol'. Where was his PET? He grumbled to himself and found it sitting on the bar table. Did Adagio have anything to do with this?

He took his PET and examined it.

"Hoy...Adagio...did you let Cherry in?"
"I did."
"...Why would you do that?"
"Because she called, you wouldn't answer."
"...So? That's kinda the point of me ignoring her..." Kordello barked.
"I heard that!" Cherry said in a rather loud voice.

Kordello slightly whimpered and fell down to ground level. His eyes fixed on the PET and Adagio, "I'm trying to easily get myself detached from that woman! Red heads are scary..."
"If it was a netbattle, I could help you out. But its not...I thought you guys look great together."

Kordello grumbled. He liked her, sure. She was wild, spontaneous, cute, smart, witty and charming. But he wasn't sure if she was the one for him. Kordello slumped as he was once again defeated verbally. He couldn't win to save his life right now. He crawled his way back to his chair and sat down.

"What's on the agenda today, Adagio?"
"It is your day off, might as well enjoy it while you can. I feel your NetOp experience is dwindling a little. How about a little 'busting' to bring back that cheery mood you seem to always have?"

Kordello narrowed his ember eyes, "you had to mention...'cheery.'"

Food was then placed before him, the wonderful and delightful aroma kicked his hunger into overdrive and for a spilt nanosecond he forgot all about his current dilemma. He began to pick at the pancake plate, placing 4 large disks on his plate. He smothered them with butter and a small hint of maple syrup. Cherry was a wonderful woman, he felt as though she loved him, and that was somewhat of a new thing for him...he didn't exactly know how to feel towards her. He liked her, but he hated being bound by relationships. One thing was for certain...she made damn good pancakes!

"Om nom!"

Immediately as he said those words, he was smacked upside the head by the woman. He was slightly dazed for a moment; he forgot how much she hated his more childish side. He was 25 years old, why didn't he act like it? After having a light conversation and a heavy meal, Cherry kissed Kordello and she was gone heading out for work. He waved to her as she drove off...and he finally felt free once again. Him and his bachelor pad. He went back to the bathroom and took a shower. He was full, refreshed and zest fully clean by the loud and irritating sounds that was belched from his throat as he was singing some undefined song.

"Remind me to search for vocal lessons..." Adagio said with a smirk as Kordello waltzed out of the bathroom with his street clothing on and of course all those dangly piercing that made up his alternative life style.

"I heard that!" Kordello barked mockingly. His brown hair was long and neatly tied back still moderately damp from a good towel drying. He sat down at his computer desk and examined his PET.

"Alright, Adagio...let's start with something simple."
"Yeah, simple for you maybe...I am ready for some busting."
" you always put me down?"
"Because its my current muse...Jack me in, already!"
"Ahoy-hoy...Jack in Adagio! Get your Melody On!"

Jack in AC/DC Net