The bluesy wail of a tenor saxophone drifted out an open window in one of ACDC Town's apartment towers. If one were to levitate themselves 10 floors up, and peer into the window, they would see the source of the music; Noah Yaworski was standing in the middle of his living room, playing his heart out. Across from him, his Navi, Composer was waving his conductor's baton in a swing time, serving as Noah's metronome. The two continued for a while until the last note faded, and Noah took his mouth off the mouthpiece. "We sounded good," he admitted, grinning a bit as he began to pack the tenor up.

"No, man. You sounded good, I was just your conductor," Noah replied, shaking his head from side to side. The hologram lazily drifted across the room to perch on Noah's head.

"You wrote the song, though. You should get some credit too, Comp," Noah complained, trying to get his Navi out of his hair.

"Composers never take the credit, Noah. We just write the songs and leave the playing to you geniuses." At this, Comp got bored of keeping himself on Noah's head and flitted off to the computer desk, where the PET sat. "Hey, let's kill some time on the Net. There's still hours before any of our usual haunts open up their dinner menus," he suggested, idly spinning his baton around two fingers.

Noah couldn't see anything wrong with that. "Sounds like fun," the gentle giant agreed, grabbing his PET. Composer faded back into the PET, and let the infrared ray take him into the Net.