Chad's Home

It was a sort of sparse apartment, large even if there was barely any furniture. A couch, a table, a few chairs, and his bed made up most of the furniture. That was alright though, it wasn't like he really needed that much, and the the extra space was always welcome. The walls were a sort of teal-green color most of the time, occasionally they seemed to shift into a more yellowish color. Maybe the previous tenant had been a smoker, or maybe the sun just did that to those areas. He didn't feel like asking, no reason to bother really. At least it didn't smell, at all. Some might call it strange, but to him it was the best part about the place.

Chad paced around back and forth, up and down the apartment in a kind of slow meandering pace that seemed not quite rushed, but rather lost in thought.

He scratched his head before falling back down to the couch with a clang. The blasted thing had fallen apart again; the base of it was now touching the floor while a metal tube, presumable a part of it's frame, was jetting out from below at an odd angle. From below he heard a voice yell out "Keep it down up there".

He took a moment to contemplate the workings of English that would let such an awkward statement make sense before responding.
"OK" he said out-loud though he was pretty sure that they couldn't hear him down there.

His arm stretched out to the side as he gave out a long drawn-out yawn. His hand glanced by his PET on the table nearby. Idly he wondered what Splitman was up to. He talked into the device he dangled it above his head from the cable connecting it to the net.
"Hey, Splits, what are you doin" He asked before yawning a second time. Just that sort of lazy day.
Chad fell over off of his couch.

"Ow... " He said outloud though nobody was listening. It felt like he had been lying there for months doing that mission. Then that bastard just killed Splitman, the hell. If he could toss aside his Navi so easily everyone else was screwed, especially without a healer. Ah well, nothing to be done about it.

Maybe he should get out and grab something to improve Splits... internet trading was fine and all, but he should really probobly get out. Oh, and get food... he looked at himself, still tall but a bit thinner than last time he looked in the mirror. Probobly not good..

The sun seemed so bright, ugh. This could take awhile.
Chad wandered back into the aparment, that stuff seemed to take forever.

He wasn't in the mood the think right now, maybe he could just finish up what Split was in the middle of then go to sleep.

Internet trading also seemed appealing..
The door creeked quietly in the distance, Chad having left long before.
Chad tossed his things on the table, grabbed something to drink, and began tinkering away at is PET. Interesting things were bound to happen soon.
Chad got up and stretched a bit before walking to the door. His mind was a bit groggy right now, but there was a certain spring in his step he couldnt remember having for a long time. What was it that caused it? Oh right.

Things were finally about to get interesting.
The door slammed shut behind Chad as he wandered back into the building. All this crazy stuff was getting a bit too crazy. It was nice that he could actually unwind a little bit at home. He pressed a few keys at random before connecting. A wide screen display appeared on the side, granting him displays of the latest Chip-Price indexes.

Yeah, it was definitely best to work from home.