It was a nice and sunny day in ACDC's main park. Kids were laughing, adults were chatting, teens were nowhere in sight, and all was well.

*Insert random sound effect*

"Hm... That was odd." A man said as he appeared from limbo. He was pretty sure he had existed before, but he felt as if he had only now been able to act. He took a deep breath through his nostrils, expanding his lungs to the fullest, and then expelled through his mouth. A soccer ball was kicke from one of the many groups of small children around the park, and flew right at his face! Rather than cower, however, he leaped up into the air twisting sideways, and kicked it right back at the group of small children.

The children were in awe. Unsure of what to do, they simply stared at the man. Crap... Not good... Need to... Come up with... Plot Device! All of the sudden, one of the children's pockets began to ring. "Hello? Why yes I did leave the stove on..." One of the children left, and the rest just continued to stare. Reaching into his pocket, the man felt for that thing the child had... Yup, he had one too. He pulled it out and looked at it. As soon as his finger touched the screen, a logo popped up. "Windows Vista, loading..." It said. "Gah!" The man cried out as he attempted to throw it far away.

"What the heeelllllllllll!!!!!!!????? CONTINUITY IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!" A digitized voice chirped out as the device flew into the branches of a tree right in front of the man. Furtively, he stepped closer to it, grabbing a small stick off the ground just in case it attacked. The screen flashed blue and a black humanoid figure appeared on the screen with glowing blue eyes. "Boo!" It shouted. The man screamed and whacked at the device with a stick. "WHAT THE HELL, MUTHA****A!?" The black shape screamed out. Immediately the man stopped clubbing the device.

"Jeeze, 'Kari! Stop hitting me! We have to jack in and save a bunch of kid's navii from a virus!" The man was confused. "Kid's navii are in trouble?!" He asked, not exactly sure what that meant. The black thing chuckled darkly. "No, but if they were, I wouldn't help anyways." The man was even more confused. "Wait... I'm.. 'Kari?" He asked. The black thing nodded. "Si, and I am senior Ruina. Remember? Just jack me in!" 'Kari's brows furrowed. Somehow, that last command seemed wrong or something to him... "How do I... Uh, 'jack in'?" He asked. For some reason, he felt nervous as if he was at his first day of school. School? What's school?

The black thing,"Ruina" it called itself, sighed. "Just take me to that squirrel statue, and plug the end of the jack-in cord into the thing's butt." 'Kari felt pretty sure that there was something wrong with that statement, but he deigned ask. Walking over to aforementioned squirrel statue, he stepped over until he could see the squirrel's butt. A hole was there. Shrugging, as if to say,"Here goes nothing", he simply plugged in the cord........ And nothing happened. "No, no, no! You have to say,'Jack In, Ruina, Execute!' and do something flashy with your PeT like a backflip into the sunlight so we can get a lensflare or something.

'Kari sighed, knowing that he had a lot to learn, and raised his "PeT" into the sky so it attained the Lens-Flare effect. "Jack-In! Ruina! Execute!" He shouted, and then plugged that squirrel's butt.


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