Jaden Park really wanted to throw his PET into a pond or something.

"I'm bored, come on Jay, stop wandering around and do something."

Jaden scowled down at the handheld device. On the screen was Ran his netnavi, who for the last half hour complained about how bored he was. Ran had even hacked into the PET's music player so he could be heard through Jaden's earphones.

"Why, why can't I just listen to my music in peace?"

"Cause if I let you do that, you'll brood. And we both agreed that we need to limit your brooding time."

Jaden threw his arms in the air in exasperation. "Fine, let's do something. God knows that you won't give me any peace if we don't."

"Plug me into the internet. We'll hunt down some viruses. Come on, even you like virus busting."

Jaden sighed, but let a small smile fall onto his face. "Fine." Looking around he saw the pink squirrel statue in the park. "Well that works."

"Huh, wait is that the squirrel. Wait, don't plug me into the squirrel! Anything other than the pink squirrel!"

Jaden grinned, "Next time don't be so annoying. Plug in Ran.Exe"

"Aw damnit." Ran swore as he was transported into the pink statue. The Netnavi shuddered a bit at the pink background around him before finding the link to the internet and entering it. "Now I really need to shoot something."