Daniel woke up one day to bird chirping, a soft alarm going off, and of course the load "Good Morning!" roar of his Navi, Blanco.He jumped out of his bed landing face first on the floor, despite this being a normal occurrence for Danny."Jeez! You really got me buddy!" Daniel interjected as he got up and began to dress.Blanco scoffed and left it at that.Daniel went downstairs to get his breakfast, which was large as usual and he grabbed for a bagel when Blanco interjected, "Oi! Plug me in! I don't want to wait for you!"

Daniel sighed, and dropped the bagel back onto the plate, going to grab his PET.Taking the connection cable from his PET he plugged Blanco into his modem and went back to eating, as Blanco went to do as he wanted in the meantime.