Squirrels and Slides

Walking back from the metro station, Lex began the process of installing the newly bought upgrades for his navi. Having made it only halfway home before he had finished the installation, Phantasm immediately sprung back to life with strange muffled sounds, the kind you'd expect form a hastily awoken old man, "Huhgh... Blergh, wha... What have you been doin to me!?" he blurted out, feeling about his person for changes, "You ain't changed nothin'... major, have you?

"Not really, I just improved you a bit" the netop replied.

"Improved? Hah! You can't improve on perfection!" Phantasm stated proudly, a smug grin filling his face, hands pushed against his sides.

"Well, you should go a lot faster now... Oh and you should be able to make a few more moves now"

"What? Like that time with the teleport thingy?"


"Ok, well... Great!" The ghostly figure announced, no other words came to mind at the time, "Go get me a mission, I wanna test out these new powers"

"Sure, let me just look for a... jack... in.... point" Lex said as he scanned the surroundings, the last few words stretched by the strain of the search, "Funny how you live in a place for a few years, yet never actually visit the local area" he rambled on to himself as he looked about, suddenly he spotted a wireless signal emanating from the local park, he made a quick jog for the park bench, dodging small children along the way. Upon reaching the refuge point, a smile filled his face upon the realisation of the jack in point, "A squirrel? heh heh heh"

"What are you giggling about?" The navi shouted in his usual surly tone.

"Nothing, nothing...heh... I found an internet source, I'll post for a mission" He said, before trawling the net for the correct sites.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Lex said frankly to the purple navi, "You heard the NGA dude"

"It's GNA!" the navi said as he turned to leave for the web, only realising what Lex had said a few seconds later, he spun about and released a furious retort, "Who do you think your talkin' too, huh!? I've been fightin' virii since you were in diapers; I've died more times than you've had hot dinners! Now what makes you think you can tell me what to do?"

"Nothing I suppose... but then again, a weakling like you could never make his own way through the net..." The afro-headed boy said to the navi nonchalantly, playing him to his advantage.

Weak?! I'll show you, I'll show you all!!" the predictable reply came shortly after, followed by the immediate departure of the angry spirit.
Lex clambered to his feet from the now stone cold bench; he walked home briskly from the pitch black park, a fear of the unknown further quickening his pace. Upon reaching his home, he fell into a deep sleep...
Waking up at the crack of dawn, Lex quickly threw on his usual attire and picked up the PET, this was followed by an almost immediate ear bashing from his navi, "Took your time, we got a reply from the mission board last night so I told them we'd take it on... Oh! I also took the initiative and downloaded the chip data", Grey said to the sleepy Netop, his voice and composure filled with a sense of duty, unfortunately for him, Lex was still in a sleep induced stupor which meant he merely shrugged of the navi's words, grabbed his coat and walked out the door.

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