~"What's a Charm? A second time?!"

The shop was near silent today. Nothing was apparent but the sound of racing cars and blown horns that flew down the urban district trying to beat the rush home as the School day was nearly complete. It was not dark, and there was plenty of sun light to prove that much. There was so much that one could go around it for shares during even this Winter Holiday. There was however a few freckles of frost that had decorated the side of the streets that had lead down the sidewalk causing some to slow down at some instances. Child were walking home after all.

"Okay! Ready!"

The little boy's voice had chimed loudly as he had stood behind the counter of the Flower Shop once more. It seemed that school was out at this time of day and the young boy had managed to get home bright and early and behind the counter of the Flower Shop today seeing he had finished all his school work and homework before he came to his humble abode. His eyes had filled up with cheer and light, more so than yesterday.

"Well look at you, XenXen..." Rafflesiana had said, "You seem more brighter about this than yesterday! Maybe all you needed was a push to get you into exploring stuff after all."

An awkward expression across his face, and his soft little cheeks emitted a red blush to follow. He nervously scratched at the right side of his face after taking in the words of Rafflesiana. To be honest, he truly was enthusiastic about this trip back into ACDC's Net Area. After spending time with Rafflesiana on the net, it had meant something to him. It was quite indescribable, and he could not help but to be overwhelmed by it.

Xenneth was not the violent type, and this was a very important note. Not once was he driven to do harm to another, nor did he feel the need to fight to prove anything; that feeling was enough to him to believe after all, but for some reason, along side Rafflesiana, he felt something more to virus busting and Netbattling lately. His curiosity was piqued about the reaches of that Net Area, and furthermore, he had fun. He could not admit this to himself, but he felt it deep down that he and Rafflesiana had bonded, and he actually felt important to someone.

"XenXen, let's go!" the voice scowled, "Jack me in, and let's get going! I want to explore more of the net here!"

Xenneth had gasped as he had heard the voice. Lost in thought, he was holding them up as he was thinking too much of yesterday as a joy ride. He was also a bit scared that things might not go so well like last time, and maybe worse, Rafflesiana may be deleted if he was not careful. He was feeling a bit stronger, as was she feeling a bit more trustworthy towards the young boy. Acknowledging this, Xenneth had pointed the laser at the open slot revealed upon the keypad as he prepared himself to jack-in.

"Jack-In, Rafflesian! Power up!"