A Day at Work

Music on his headphones playing...

Typical day as ever; Roseline was out going to make delivery runs and his mother was tied up with the exports that were coming in. These sort of days were a true bother. It meant the violet haired boy was left behind in the shop and tending to the cash register as well as any possible purchases. His blue eyes rolling in boredom and a sigh escaping his mouth as his right hand was hoisted and supported by his elbow. He had leaned to his right as he pressed his cheek into his hand and awaited for...nothing.

It was one of those days. It was like he was simply being a watch dog. The same music played in the back which was the calming serenade of the Flower Shop on a Monday evening, and on his headphones was the wildest of songs to keep him awake.

"Xenny? Xenny?! Hey! Xenny!"

The sounds of the calls from his P.E.T making a frown come to face. This also a regular routine, he tried to ignore it seeing as anything that came from Rafflesiana on a bored Monday...or Tuesday...even through the week meant that it was not good news at all. The figure sighed once more as he had tossed his head left to right trying to toss the voice from his head like it was some annoying malfunction similar to a headache.

"Xenny! I know you hear me! Come ooooon! Let's do something fun! You know you wanna!"

Xenneth had awakened from his sleepy haze of boredom as he lifted his weight off the counter. The first thing to catch his attention was the beautiful baggy face of the blonde upon his P.E.T who had seemed to stare at him with some sort of misery in her eyes. It was obvious what he was being dragged into which only made him make an expression that was just as miserable.

"Rafflesiana! We're tending the shop today! We can't do anything right now unti-"

"Oh! I-I know! I know!" she had cut in, "Let's do a Virus Scan!" the navi insisted as she leapt up and down waving her arms on screen. "We'll just check for nearby viruses that are near the shop's Network and if any happen to be nearby...BAM!"

Xenneth had frowned upon the suggestion. "B-but that's not necessary! We have a good firewall and-"

"But firewalls don't work one hundred percent of the time, right?" she cut in once more, "If for any reason the fire wall was to not work, then it would be your responsibility as the substitute cashier to investigate and report any strange activity! So why don't we jack in to check things out?"

The navi's eyes glistening, but Xenneth to oblivious to take attention to it. His eyes slightly narrowing in suspicion, but also in a small speck of concern hearing the NetNavi's logic. It seemed passable...for a pre-school student, but between innocent Xenenth and a toddler, what was the difference?

"A-are...are you sure?" the young boy had asked in his gentle and feminine like voice while Rafflesiana had tossed her right hand and stood in a firm salute like she was an officer. "I'm positive! What do you say Boss-Boy? Shall we get a check up on that there firewall?" Rafflesiana had asked while Xenneth had stood twisting his lips slightly unsure.

"W-well...okay I guess."

Tossing his Green and Violet P.E.T. in hand, the young boy had pointed towards the jack distant in the cash register. Profit data was channeled and calculated to the import and export companies so it was a perfect link to the network. Xenneth who had smiled happily as he aimed for the port had prepared himself with a toss of his shoulders.

"Here goes...nothing! Jack In, Rafflesiana! Power Up!"

~"My neck; my back!"


Xenneth's right hand was quick to snap as he had held his P.E.T center to his chest as the beam pointed towards the jack had quickly transferred back to his device. His eyes had laid upon the display screen as it displayed static for the run of the moment, and not before long, the sight of the Flower Girl NetNavi had once again appeared on the screen as she was rubbing her head while her eyes had fallen down from view.

"Ow! That kinda smarts..."

The violet haired boy had sighed in relief. His right hand resting upon his chest as it lifted and then sunk at that moment he had saw the NetNavi appear on the screen. He had obviously taken quite a shock witnessing her being hit so directly that she had, in the end, felt as if she was deleted in that instant. Things could have been worse, but Xenneth was glad that she was alright and only had a minor scorch upon her outfit.

However, that still did not change the fact that they had lost out to the viruses.

"Are you okay, Rafflesiana? I...I didn't think that..."

"Let's go again, tomorrow!"

Xenneth had gasped as he heard the sound of the NetNavi's voice. She had raised her tone a bit enthusiastic as Xenneth had gazed at her a bit perplexed that Rafflesiana was not satisfied after going into that area and nearly being deleted. She seemed so adventurous, and more so than he could handle since he learned his lesson, but still, she appeared to have the spirit to go one. Her eyes lifted showing her sure expression beyond the green orbs.

"We did good today, and we got more money than we usually get for tips! Let's go again tomorrow XenXen, and this time, we'll be stronger!"

Xenneth had blinked realizing what Rafflesiana was saying, but as usual, he could not believe it. Smiling warmly before raising his right hand solemnly, he had agreed somehow, in his own way as he had presented his honest expression to Rafflesiana.

"Okay! We'll go again, and this time we'll explore the internet by a lot!"

Placing Rafflesiana's PET at his side and his attention going fully to the shop, he had started to double check the register and area to see if everything was clean to leave him with absolutely no chores to deal with. Going to the door way and switching the sign from "Open" to "Closed," Xenneth had ended his day in the new Flower Shop. It seemed that his new home "Electopia" was far more interesting than he thought.