Can't beat the heat.

Hot. It was hot out. Hot and sunny.

Aoi was never the kind of person who enjoyed warm days. Even though by the local standards it was actually pretty cool out, Aoi was still very warm. Then again, wearing a jacket that's heavier than what's needed and a toque didn't help in the matter, but he had his reasons. As he sat on a bench near a river, he turned on the fans of his PET and gave a sigh of relief. Another voice was giving a sigh of disappointment.

"You know Aoi, things would have been much easier for you if you decided to take a walk in lighter clothing than that heavy jacket of yours." Came the calm, cool voice of his NetNavi Yuki-Onna. Aoi gave a little huff at the remark. He was not it in the mood after earlier. "Oh come now Aoi, that comment wasn't THAT bad." Aoi gave a look at his monitor looking a little aggitated. "It wasn't that bad? I got beaned by a soccer ball by people my age, their leader scolded them for hitting a little girl, and when I asked to play with them to make up for it, they said I was too young. I just want to head back into the sweet embrace of my home's AC..."

Shaking her head, she tried to find a way to make the situation better. Then it hit her. "You know Aoi, I heard a local ice cream store got some of that blue berry gelato you craved for a while." Hearing those simple words seemed to have given Aoi a burst of energy as his eyes shown with the innocence of a child(ironically enough) before realizing his predicament. "But Yuki, we don't have any Zenny. How can we buy it if we are broke?"

Humming for a moment, Yuki figured out the solution to their money problems. "Say, don't Viruses drop plenty of Zenny? I bet if we delete enough we can get a whole tub of blueberry gelato!" The idea did sound tempting to Aoi. Killing time and making sweet frozen treat money at once. Still, he had his doubts. "But, I have no training with virus busting Yuki." Shaking her head, she tried to reassure him. "Just relax Aoi. I'll do all the fighting. Just slot in the chips when needed and I'll do the rest. If things get hairy, I'll jack out. Alright?"

Reassured by his friend, he gave a nod and jacked into the nearest terminal. "Alright, be careful OK? JACK IN! YUKI-ONNA.EXE!"
<<Jacked into ACDC net for some virus busting.>>
"Ahhhhhh~ Feels good to be back home." Aoi nodded as the PET's fan went back to full power. Yuki was safe and Aoi managed to get more than enough to pay for the gelato. With the help of the cold air from the fan, he seemed to have perked up and relaxed. "Ahhhhh, that gelato is going to taste sooooo good now~!" Bounding happily with his PET in tow, he headed straight to the gelato store with no real rush.

Once he finally reached 'the promise land', Aoi's eyes seemed to have sparkled with child-like wonderment and delight. If he could see himself, he'd hang his head in shame. "Ooooohhhhh~! It's so beautiful~!" Like some sort of cold seeking missile, Aoi's face was glued right to the display of blue berry Gelato. As the server came over to him and chuckled. "Well, what will you have kid?" Aoi looked up to him and said, "Blueberry gelato pleeeease~!" The man chuckled a bit as Aoi pulled out the three hundred zenny needed and gave him the bowl containing his treat.

As the man calmly plugged in the cost, Aoi immediately chowed down on it with ravenous intent. By the time he turned to face the customer, the bowl was empty and Aoi licked a small bit of the treat from his mouth. "My, aren't you hungry. Busy day with the parents?" Aoi tilted his head. He was still enjoying the bliss of the hard earned treat. "I don't live with them.". The man looked shocked and in normal circumstances, he would be right. Aoi looked rather young even though he was legal age for alot of things. Aoi just shrugged it off as a innocent question, but poor bugger felt sorry for the "Little Kid".

"You know what? Why don't you take a tub of the stuff as a special offer. Not very many people like blueberry gelato, so it doesn't hurt us if we would throw it out." Aoi's face looked right at him like he was some sort of saint as he lovingly accepted the rather large tub of Blueberry gelato. "Thank you sir~!" Aoi said as he quickly bowed and took his loot figuring it was more a deal than it was pity.

Yuki remained silent so she didn't spoil his mood as he headed to scilab for upgrades.

<<Exit, lost 300 zenny>>