A quick nap

Lex was at a new level of tired, as he trapsed through the front door, he slowly made a beeline for his bed; he was about to pass out. As the exausted Netop reached his bed, a familiar anoying voice began shouting, "What do you think your doing?! I'm feeling pumped, lets try out the new chip! the navi shouted.

"B-But.... Awww whats the point...." Lex whined, he stood up from his laying position and hauled himself up to his chair and switched the computer on, "This time were finding someone to help us, just until your a bit stronger..."

"Me?! Weak?! I took out that freak back there, I'm invincible, but whatever floats your boat...." Phantasm said as he thought to himself, extra peaople mean extra targets.

(Jack in to internet city)
Lex got out of his chair and made his way to the front door, but he had taken no more than a few steps before the previous fatigue he had felt once again came upon him and as if the gravity had suddenly been turned on, Lex fell to the ground, face first, to weak to carry his own body, "Just a few more minuets he whispered to himself as he was just about to fall asleep, when a loud shout came from the computer, "Get up ya lazy bum!" Phantasm called in anger, this was enough to shock Lex back into action, he got back onto his feet, stood precariously for a few seconds and then staggered out of the door, just about shutting it behind him.
Running through the front door at incredible speeds, Lex made a mad dash for the chair in front of his computer, jumping into it like a rabbit would to its den, he then proceeded to breath deeply in a regulated motion, trying to calm down from the trauma he had recieved.

Finally realising he was safe, he turned to the computer and looked at the navi's who were still waiting there patiently, he then said, "Now, where were we...
The weary netop stood up from his chair, the past battles had taken a lot from him and like Phantasm, he felt that he was long over due for a good rest, with a heavy head and a body that felt like it was made of concrete, Lex slowly made his was up the stairs to his room, each step releasing drawn out squeak and upon finally reaching his room, he fell face first onto the shag pile next to his bead, he was out cold just mere centimetres away from the intended target.
Light shone through the curtains, annoyingly loud ringing noises could be heard emanating from Lex's alarm clock, a small cat had entered through the open window which faced onto the lawn below, it sauntered around the edge of the room, looking for anything of interest before resting its eyes upon Lex, it jumped down from a high shelf knocking a few knick knacks about in the process, landing next to the out-cold Netop with a soft thud, standing still for a few seconds out of hesitation, the cat then deemed the body safe with a light jump onto Lex's chest, the furry ball then began to lick him lightly on the cheek.

This scene continued for a few seconds, but the cat was suddenly startled when Lex reached for his face, still in a state of half consciousness, the cat recoiled in fear and with a loud screech, it bolted for the window, dive-bombing out of it, leaving a confused and bewildered Lex in it's wake.

Lex slowly climbed to his feet, he looked about himself, noticing the mess, he began to tidy up his room, his eyes still blurred by sleep, suddenly though he released a rather loud sneeze and after a few seconds of speculation he came to one conclusion, "Its that bloody cat again!" he bounded across the small room towards the open window and just about spied the cat sauntering off into the distance, "I'm gonna catch you one of these days! Mark my words" leaning out of the window while shaking his fist as he said it, confused old ladies below hurrying past.

The cat in question looked back over it's shoulder and said, "I'd like to see you try!" but all that anybody around would have heard was, "Meow!"

Slamming the window behind as he climbed back in, with a scowl on his face, the Netop muttered to himself, "When I get my hands on that cat..." he then pulled on a fresh set of clothes, grabbed the still recuperating Phantasm and a set of keys and left the house.