Here again.

Dave looked at the recently filled fridge with satisfaction, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. When he was done, he slid the bowl in the general direction of the sink and set about exploring the rest of the house. This process went fairly quickly, considering the house was pretty much empty. Just about everything was on the main floor, except for the bedroom, which was in the basement. The second storey looked as though it had only ever been used for storage.

Having seen the rest of the house, Dave decided to move his set-up from the kitchen to the basement. When he was halfway done this process, Tranum decided that he had had enough of waiting.

Hey! Dave! Are you planning on jacking in again anytime soon?

"Admittedly, I was planning on finishing this, then maybe getting some sleep."

Whatever happened to you never getting any sleep?

"I was kinda hoping to change that. Tommorrow, alright mate?"

But I'm bored!

"And I'm tired. C'mon, you can wait a little longer, right?"

Tranum sighed. Yeah, I guess.

"Right. Glad that's all settled then."

Dave quickly finished hooking up his stereo, dumped the contents of his duffel bag into the first drawer he set eyes on, and fell asleep ontop of the bed.
Dave shook his head groggily as he awoke, and blinked at the ceiling. He rolled out of bed, and promptly booted up his laptop. He opened the drawer that held the majority of his possessions, and pulled out a book and a battered looking BTO album. While he waited for the laptop to load, he put the CD into the player, and cracked open the book. After a few minutes, the computer had finished loading, and Dave set his book aside to inform Tranum that he was about to jack in.

"Hey, Tranum! I'm gonna jack in now."

Took you long enough! Wait... You were only asleep for an hour... Is that enough?

"Not for most people, no. But I have ADHD, and it's enough for me."

Alrighty then! So, let's hope I can get in more than one battle this time!

"Indeed. Tell me if you need anything."