Amadeo's House

In the comforts of home Amadeo had set to work, multiple monitors sitting on his desk, his PET perched in the middle with Longshot glancing side to side at a mock image of the desk, floating screens that showed what Amadeo was looking at as statistics were sent back and forth. "So you have the upgrades ready then? I responded to that Leo fellow, once we get done here we can hop online and meet his Navi Bard." The armored navi continued to glance at monitors shaking his head as he corrected a small line of code, "You're being sloppy right now, slow down, your excited but your going to crash my code if you keep this up."

"I know, I know, I'm multitasking, trying to get the data we gathered uploaded to the database and trying to get your new upgrades set up, we also need to sort out all the extra processing power for your new ability. He tapped away at the keys glancing to the center monitor, "So does that attack look good? He pressed send and the center monitor on Longshots set up blinked with the data, "It looks great actually, see, just slow down a bit. Alright I'm ready for the install. See you in a bit."

With a final few tweeks to the program Amadeo hit the install, at once the stream of data started to download into Longshot a download screen filling up almost every monitor on the desk as data was sent about.


After a brief snack and some lazying about Amadeo returned to the humble glow of his computer, the three monitors all back to normal all the information packed away just as it should be. Longshot was also ready sitting quietly in his pet glancing up now and then smiling as Amadeo sat down, "Took your sweet time didn't you? Everything seems good on my end, ready when you are.

"Yup everything installed fine and the data from earlier is backed up, jacking in now, leaving it open to you, I figure you know the place to go better then I do. Longshot.EXE Jack In."

"Just give me a door I'll do the rest." and with that he stepped through the now open portal aiming him self towards the internet city where he would meet Bard for the busting team up.
Moments later Longshot wandered back into Amadeo's screen moving from the PET to the multiple monitors stretching out as his armor repaired its self thanks to the safety of being home again. "Well that went pretty well, we got a decent amount of Zenny and the information to Bard's page. I'd say it went well."

"Minus the whole pissing off the crazy Navi and nearly getting your butt kicked?" Amadeo quirked an eyebrow at his central monitors blinking webcam, causing Longshot to roll his eyes. "Lets not mention that ever again..." "Well either way, we made a profit from this, so lets get you fixed up, and call it a day then alright? With a few more clicks Amadeo started to shut down most of the programs open, letting Longshot rest, though he forgot to run one last scan for the next few days Amadeo would be facing an endless slew of error boxes, apparently Verede wasn't to happy about being called 'crazy' and slipped a bug to Longshot and Amadeo...