With a screech, Michael's alarm clock burned his ear drums. He flung over and smashed it off with his hand. Still it persisted, and Michael, getting irritated, ripped the alarm clock out of its socket and flung it against the wall. After a loud smash, Michael opened one bleary eye to see his alarm clock lying smashed to bits on the ground.

"Uh... not again..." Michael said as he sat up, rubbing his eyes.

A deep voice reverberated in his skull. "Don't be so violent, that's all."

Michael began to pick at his ears. "You know Phan, why don't you just wake me up?"

The voice continued to echo in his brain while another statement joined the first. "Because then I would be the one in bits on the floor."

With another deep yawn, Michael hopped off of his bed and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "True... Well we're just going to have to buy another."

Ophanium turned his gaze to stare Michael right in the face. "You idiot, that's the fifth time this week."

Michael just let out one soft chuckle. "That's why you are going into ACDC to get some zenny for that new alarm clock."

Ophanium did nothing, he just sighed. Michael let out one more soft chuckle as he reached the computer. "Well, jack in Ophanium."