Rhythm (Prg/0) - Humble Beginnings.


"... Why are you waiting? Don't'cha think it odd, when you know my address?"

That was all she wrote.

Evan smirked, collecting his assertions timidly. An instigation, was it? Sounded a little farfetched; this was contridictory. Taunts weren't her game, but surely tactics of trickery were. Was it an elemental advantage? Firewalls? What could it be, what could bring her to shout cowardice on a challenge? When the answer couldn't be discerned, Evan slammed his fist into the wall, the impact shaking his terminal ever slightly. He was never one for the passive-agressive nature, but this clinched it. He had to call her bluff; if only to find out the truth. It was time to take a trip down memory lane; it was only a network away. Evan snatched his PET's microphone jack, and bellowed:


"Huh?" Rhythm beckoned his partner's call with a minor shift from his head. He paused his audio engineering protocol, noticing Evan was out of his prior recluse. Even his visor couldn't detain the fury of his eyes; this interupption would bring him behind schedule, and it was bad enough when his operator couldn't keep deadlines. "What is it? I could've sworn Mr. High-and-mighty needed his drums sequenced."

"You can finish the drum doubling later. We've got bigger fish to fry."

"Let me guess, a NetBattle?"

"... A rematch."

And then it hit him - Rhythm took a moment to collect himself. "... Understood. My battle protocol could use some upgrades. Shall we still proceed?"

"Yes. I like a challenge."

((OOC: Off to ACDC Net.))
Meanwhile, in the park not too far from the nearest bus terminal, sat a man clad in black, red and grey, fumbling through a small collection of BattleChips in his hand, checking which ones would be best for the situation in hand. On the other side of the PeT, his Navi was getting worked up already. Who are these two? Matt Cage and Firewolf. Not a very well-known team, but a team nonetheless. Matt nodded to himself, muttering quietly to himself as he did.

"Right, let's hope I still have what it takes...


Three hours earlier...

"Matt, I have an assignment for you."

Matt was pretty surprised to be called to his boss, named Clark, office, but he was more surprised to be getting an assignment directly from him. He kept his salute steady, though, waiting to hear it.

"I want you to take your NetNavi and patrol the ACDC Network. It's a standard job, but we're short-staffed in the Security department. Can I count on you?"

Matt nodded his head, replying sternly.

"Sir, yes sir!"

Clark smiled in response.

"At ease. One last thing before you go..."


Clark stood up, holding something in his hands. A brown envelope that he handed to Matt. Felt like there was quite a lot in there. Matt looked at the envelope, then to Clark with a quizzical look.

"Like I said." explained Clark. "Security is short-staffed and you know how many we have in our department. Congratulations, Matt. Daniel from Security put the call our for recruits and I put your name through."

"You mean... No way, seriously?"

Matt didn't believe it, and neither did Firewolf, manifesting as a tiny hologram on Matt's shoulder to make his disbelief known.

"You're promoting us to Security?"

Clark nodded his head again.

"It was great to have you with us, Matt. Effective immediately, you work under Daniel's team. The envelope you have includes your updated ID and paperwork to inform you of the standard procedures."

Matt and Firewolf could barely believe it. Promoted... after years of desk-jobs. But then something clicked in Matt's head.

"W-wait, what about the assignment?"

Clark chuckled with a grin.

"Well, that was Daniel's assignment, not mine. I had to surprise you somehow. Think of it as a chance to impress Daniel and give you a free reign. An exam, if you will."

Matt nodded, saluting Clark, which elicited a laugh from him.

"No need to salute me, Matt, I'm not your boss anymore."

Matt grinned in response.

"Not until I leave this room, anyway."

Firewolf looked up to Matt before giving his own salute to Clark, looking just as fired up as Matt.

"Very well. Dismissed."

With that said, Matt stood at ease, then dashed out the door, ready to get back in the action. Of course, once the assignment was done, things should be peachy. With a grin before leaving the NetPolice building, Matt lifted his PeT to speak to Firewolf, pointing it to the nearest access point.

"Hey, Firewolf. Race you to ACDC."

"Heheh. Oh, it's on now. Try not to keep me waiting too long."

"Right back at ya!" Matt shouted as he went full-tilt towards the nearest coach station.


Naturally, Firewolf made it first and Matt got an earful for it, but the assignment was underway. At least, after Matt brushed up on the info he was given by Clark. Already, Firewolf had bumped into something that may turn into a scene, but if not? Well, it's always nice to bump into new faces. Matt nodded to himself again, steeling himself for the upcoming fight.

"Alright. Let's take it by the books."