Green in ACDC

"Kets, I don't think this is a good idea..."
"Nonsense! I'm bored, and I need to go out into the net anyway!"
"But I didn't design you for battle..."
"No, you designed me to debug, and don't viruses count as bugs?"

Passing by the chip shop, anyone might have seen the humorous show that was a young man in a losing argument with his Navi walking away. If anyone knew him, they'd know that this was completely expected from him.

"I don't see why you're so against this, Green!" Ketsuban leaned back on nothing in particular in his PET, grinning up at his Operator. "Loads of Navis bust viruses. It's practically our reason for existing!"

"Navis exist to help people manage the network," Green said, in a way that suggested he was reciting memorized information from a textbook. "They can do a lot more than just fight."

"And yet we can fight, and we do! I can't just sit in your PET fixing code snippets!"

Green stopped. He'd been walking during the conversation and had finally reached his house. He walked in, shouted a quick hello to his parents, and headed to his room.

"I'm lucky that there was a kid there who was willing to sell some chips... I spent most of my zenny." He looked disdainfully down at the three chips in his hand (which he hadn't so much bought as he had been forced into buying), then sighed and sat down at his desk.

"That just gives you more reason to let me bust! Come on, you need me to send an email anyway~"

Green leaned back in his seat, staring at the ceiling. "...okay. I'll let you bust this time." He leaned forward, connecting the PET into the net without any fancy calls. "Just get that email there safely. It's for class."

Ketsuban just grinned and saluted before leaving the PET.
Green leaned back in his chair, and glanced at the clock. It was already 12... he should have been to bed a while ago. He'd really gotten caught up in this virus busting business.

"That took way too long... who knew there were so many viruses on the net." He glanced at the screen of his PET, noting that his Navi was looking rather pouty. Chuckling, he got up. "Enjoy yourself, Kets? It's not like I'm going to be sending such large files on a regular basis, so you better not get used to it..."

Ketsuban grumbled. "That, and you could have just split the file..."

"You compress the file, get a program that cuts it into little chunks, and then you send it piece by piece to the other person. Then they just put it back together and bam! They've got the file." His condescending tone lasted for a second longer, before he realized what he'd just said.

Green nodded. "Thanks for that, Kets. I'll remember it. Good to see some of your programming still works..."
"Yeah. Wonderful." He went back to pouting.

After some time spent getting ready for bed, Green paused, glancing at the PET. " 'bout this. I'll hook you up to the computer, and you can work on the homepage or chat with other Navis or something while I'm asleep. Just don't download anything weird or something. Deal?"

Ketsuban was silent, and then grinned, breaking his pout. "Deal~"
"Right. G'night, Kets."

He flicked a button on the PET, flipped the lightswitch, and fell asleep almost immediately.

And Kets, grinning as he looked around the homepage, decided to do something fun. "All he said was to not download weird things or get into fights, after all..."