Out of the dark dreary basement from up the stairs rose a lengthy haired youth, one who's ripped jeans and black t-shirts only could lead you to believe this youth is a menace to society. No, this youth was a menace to virii with his custom net-navi that went by the name American. The soldier of virtue believed that his favorite idea no matter how horrible, how destructive and inappropriate was worth it, only because it was his favorite idea. Now that he was beginning to understand that American was getting a little to full of himself he needed to decide whether to drop him down a peg or two.

"Alright Faded Glory time to see if you still have that Red, White, and Blue kick left in you."

"Just plug me in and I'll show you Faded Glory you gangster." American replied through his PET knowing this was going to fire up Bones. His metal headedness was something that was going to get him into trouble, amazingly it really hadn't done anything lately.

"Never call me that you old coot." Bo pointed his PET at the computer jack in port and began to carefully press the buttons on his PET to input the code to send American into the Net.

((Jack In American.))