Bad Morning


Ethan's alarm clock sputtered to life at nine in the morning, as it sat on the floor for some reason.. In response, there was nothing. With stairs leading up to it on the far side of the room from the bed, the total of Ethan's belongings sat in the room: a rubbish heap on the bed, a small antennae television, and a dresser. Out from underneath the rubbish, not so much of a heap anymore, rolled Ethan. And he rolled straight out from underneath the rubbish, off the side of the bed, and onto the alarm clock. The ringing came to a sudden halt.

But Ethan didn't stop there. It appeared that his room was slanted, as Ethan continued to roll across the room towards the stairs, and the body began to bounce down the stairs. Once the crashing ended from Ethan's body hitting the wall, a very irritated Ethan sat up, with much effort. As he stood, he walked across his living room to the computer.

Ethan took out his, luckily not damaged, PET out of his pocket as he plopped himself down at the computer. Elephire was upset, very upset.

"Etan, why you hert me?" asked a very grumpy elephant.

"Uh, i dunno" Ethan replied, "I didn't wanna get up. I jack you into net, ok?"

Ethan didn't give Elephire time to respond as the elephant was warped into the net, with enough time for Ethan to reach to the left of the computer, and grab his Battle Monsters and chips.
((Whoops, never mind. Just realized that Chip store is closed))

Ethan leaped up out of his seat after leaving Elephire to fend for a few turns.

"To the Chip Store!" He yelled after galloping out of the door towards the store.