The day began to break and the sun began to shine through the crimson red curtains as Roland lied sleeping in his bed, drool dripping out of his mouth onto his black pillow. Everything was calm and still, a wonderful morning to say the least.

Roland then immediately slammed his pillow over his head as his PET began to sound off with an alarm. "Yo! Roland. It's time to get up! We've got things to do!" screamed Ukutsk from the PET.

Roland continued to stir around as he tried desperately to cover his ears from the noise. He then threw his drool covered pillow over the PET, which he had left lying on the ground the night before near his dirty clothes pile. This attempt failed, as the alarm seemed to gradually get louder and louder. " Please cut that racket out so I can get some more sleep" Roland said as his eye began to twitch.

Silence grasped the room by the throat as the alarm shut down. Roland back down and shut his eyes, attempting to fall back to sleep. However, Roland couldn't get back to sleep. "Well then, since you've got me up...what "things" do we need to get accomplished." asked Roland in a very annoyed tone.

"You know we were going to try out some virus busting!" Ukutsk stated in an overly excited and demanding tone. "You act like I can do this all alone..." Ukutsk sighed as he made his statement.

"You do it all yourself anyway...just have fun with it and wake me when you're done" Roland said in an emotionless tone as he rolled back over. He quickly grabbed his extra pillow and covered his face.

"The least you could do is plug me in!!!" screamed Ukutsk who appeared to be getting angrier by the second. "You seem to forget I can't do that myself."

Roland popped his legs over the side of his bed as he finally got up from the bed. He walked with his normal slouch as he picked up the PET. "Fine then, then let's get this over with. Jack in. Ukutsk.EXE. Execute." Roland said in a monotoned voice as he plugged the PET into the port.