To be (Employed) or not to be.

Briiing! Briiing!
Annoyance in a box. The little sound of a phone ringing could barely be heard by the dreaming ears of Jared Miller, who had just previously pulled an all-niter with his boss... well. His former boss. "Get up, you lazy unemployed piece of dirt, you've got things to do today!" That was Rodger.EXE, always bouncing around his PET with sporadic energy. Jared rolled off of his mattress in discomfort...

"Ugh... What time is it Rodger..." He grunted in a weary voice, shaking continuously, trying to get a hand onto the wall to better position himself. Jared knew what the Navi was going to say. He was late. That last alarm had signaled as much... now he had missed that important job interview. "...You know, nevermind. I'll be right back..." The operator stated, wandering off into the darkness of his washroom.

Minutes later, freshened up and fully dressed, Jared breathed a quick breath of fresh air and picked up his PET. "Okay, well, since the interview is out of the question, what should we do today Rodger?" Of course, the answer was clear as day, but he let the Navi have his fun.

"Well, I was thinking to-day, we could maybe... well, since you missed your appointment and all... there's no real reason to leave the house so..." A vibrant image of the little avatar smiled largely up at Jared, who quickly nodded in unison with the Navi.

"Right... Busting Virii it is!" He said, waving a connector in the air. "Jack in, Rodger.EXE, execute."
"Where is it... where is it..." Jared muttered as he diligently searched through his mess of a flat. Clothes were overthrown, drawers pulled and shut, boxes open and lids flung across the hall... Even his mattress was overturned. "No, not there. Where did I put them last..." He whispered, double checking every crevice he had already looked in. With an exasperated sigh, he doubled his search effort and tore through his own home in vigilant watch.

Finally, Rodger had heard enough. "Alright, what are you looking for? I give. Just, tell me." He said, impatiently tapping his virtual foot, waiting on him to respond.

"Ah! Found it!" Pull a dull gray box from another box, he dusted off the lid and slowly lifted it. Then, looking at his PET, he spoke to Rodger. "Alright, going to need to you shut down for a moment. It's a surprise."

"Whu- Why?!" The Navi yelled in question. "What are you going to do to me?!"

"Just... relax..." Jared said, pressing the manual shutdown key on his PET, and plugging it up to his Desktop. He fiddled with some disks and other forms of memory, but he finally finished installation almost an hour after beginning. Pressing the start key, his PET shone to life.

"...Wh-- What did you... Why do I feel?" Rodger started, but Jared interrupted. "Navi Customization Programs. I found my old set, and installed it. You should be slightly more efficient in combat now. You're welcome."

Rodger stared through the personal screen up at Jared, speechless. He nodded and continued trying to find a partner in NetSquare.