"Hehehe!" Jack chuckled as he raced down the hallway at school. It was almost 3:00 PM, and everyone knew what that meant. Teachers stared with disapproving faces as he hastily sped for the nearest exit. Anticipation and adrenaline molded into one huge ball of energy as the bell finally rang and Jack busted through the dull metal double doors into the beauty of the outside world.

Jack grinned a mischievous grin; not quite malevolent, it betrayed his excitement and sense of urgency as he ran home. A new type of prank had invaded his mind, and he just had to write it down before he lost it. His hair blowing in the wind and his skates nearly giving out, he burst through the door to find the smiling face of his mom.

"Why hello, dear! Why don't you get started on your homework now so you won't be up so late like last night?"

"But Mo-"

"NOW!" His mom growled, an animated glare on her face.

Jack slowly walked into his room and threw his PET on the bed. He scribbled down his next practical joke, then looked back at his bed. "You know, we should try out some virus busting, Loki..."

"You know what your mom said, Jack."

"Yeah, I know! I'm just takin' a break!" the young man said excitedly as he plugged the PET into its port. "Jack in! Loki. EXE! Execute!!"