''Wow! The sun's bright out today!!''

Ralez put his hands over his head to block the sun from getting off his eyes as he got off the station. Thank the net that it was not that crowded like it was in Electown, or else the start of his little trip would have been not to well. But then again, this was ACDC, a small suburb off to the side of Dencity. Really nothing a city kid would need here, except for peace and quiet. Which is excactly what this little trip was for.

He made his way past the streets, over to the ACDC park. The park was a bueatiful place, nothing but lovely flowers and green grass along with a little playground for the kids nearby who were playing with thier little netnavi toys. He made his way to a nearby bench and sat down. He could fully open his eyes now because of the shady and large, lush tree overhead. He sat there and took a deep breath. He pulled out of his pocket a PET, with it's holographic nuts and bolts shining off the top like it was a trophy ready to be admired by all.

''So, ToolMan. This is it. I told you that I would one day take you here just to see what it was like. Now do you see when I said it was nice?''

ToolMan made a 'humph'ing sound and sighed. ''Well it certianly something, but it's not all that. I've seen better on the little catalogs.''

At this, Ralez made an annoyed look. ''Come on, you look at those fake things? I mean come on! This is the real thing! Yuo have to look beyond what it dosen't have and see al the positive things this place has to offer.

''Like what?''

''How do you not see the bueaty in this place? I mean at least there arent any smelly weird ladies smelling like weird fish taco and old perfume

ToolMan pointed to his nose. ''Umm...I cant smell real worlds stuff remember?''

Ralez made a look on his face that seemed disappointed. ''Oh yeah...thats right.'' But then he cheered up and continued on. ''But still. Until you can appricate, your going right back in the pocket. Kay'?''

ToolMan shouted a heavy ''Noooo!!!'' in protest, but to no avial. He put the PET in his pocket and continued to sit there, relaxed as he could be.