Ahh. It was a lazy day in the AC/DC neighbourhood. Chuck was waltzing along. Minding nothing but his own business. He felt a bit of a rumble from the sound emitting from his PET, and knew just who it was. Chuck reached into his black jeans, and out from it came his PET, which, on it a cloaked figure was displayed. "What.... are you doing?" the cloaked one asked Chuck. Chuck smiled. "Obviously nothing. It's so boring today. The music shop is closed, and theres nothing going on." The cloaked figure hid a smile behind his hood. "We could go.... busting." Chuck's eyes lit up with such mention of an idea. "Great idea. Let's head to an internet cafe." Chuck quickly b-lined it to the nearest net cafe, and sat down, ordering a small cappucino. "Alright, let's jack in!" he said, brushing his hair back and having a sip of his drink.

((My first jack in! YEY!))