I can't believe it, I really can't believe it... A male voice said from a PET, which was currently held by a lanky, bandanna wearing teen, who flinched at the next sentence from his PET, YOU LOST OUR FOLDER AND UNINSTALLED ALL MY NAVICUST PROGRAM WITHOUT EVEN CHECKING THE EXISTENCE OF A BACKUP!!!!????

"Well... You forgot something, Mizu," The male said as he continued walking towards his house. His expression then bore a sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head.

"First, we still have 3 Chips we can use to Bust with, as opposed to using your Buster. Second, the only NaviCust programs I managed to recover are the UnderShirt, Attack+ 1, Charge+ 1 and Rapid+ 1. Third, I lost my subchips and only have two MiniEnergy on my person." The male continued, still with the sheepish grin.

....You're unbelievable, Kizuna, you really are. Wait, couldn't we bu-

"Did you forgot that our allowance has run out? We're going to Bust to get some today..."

A frustrated sigh comes from the PET The only positive thing I see today is kicking some Virus' butt... And getting some Zennies in the process. Ah well, I'll be in Sleep Mode now, wake me when you're going to plug me in. Was what the Navi inside the PET said before the PET entered sleep mode.

--20 Minutes Later--
Kizuna just sighed as he opened the door to his room and plopped down on his chair, which is directly in front of the PC, he then nudged the PET, deactivating the Sleep Mode and was facing an angry Mizuryu, before he pointed at the PC, causing the Navi to nod. Kizuna just smirked as he pointed the PET at the PC's Jack-in port and said, "Commence Plug-In! Mizuryu.EXE, Transmission!"