At the internet cafe~

"Well how does it feel? We finally got that upgrade to your PET did the transfer go over well?" Carefully Amadeo took a sip of the coffee watching Longshot adjust to his new PET/

"What does what feel? I can hardly feel the difference in here. Oh hey, that extra hard drive space is new... is that all though?" The Navi couldn't help but show a slight bit of disapointment, for once he had let Amadeo's big talk convince him to believe in this 'big upgrade' he was getting.

With a roll of his eyes he set his drink aside leaning closer to his PET, "Gimie a break, you know this is a good upgrade besides we can download the data to my computer so we can build the biggest database of Battling data around." He frowned though, "Besides, this was the best we could do considering big bro took back most of his chips."

"Well either way the best way to test this out is to go online right?" he gave a slight shrug of the shoulders glancing about inside the PET waiting for the gateway that would open on jacking into the cafe's free network link. He had to admit, though underwhelming in features he was eager to see if it could link up to the net, heaven forbid it was like that old hand me down PET he used to be kept on.

"Alright, alright, settle down... Longshot.EXE Jacking in."

And with that the gateway opened...
With Longshot now returned to his PET, and the spoils of the evening busting secured Amadeo made his way over to a normal internet terminal to post up on a BBS board for a partner to go busting with. He would check back later once he got home to see if anyone had responded, till then he was almost content with the success they had today.

Key word being almost, he wanted to keep going so badly but he had other things to do before he could continue busting. "Alright the post is up, I'm sure someone will respond before tomorrow. Heck we might even get some busting in before then if they respond soon enough."

"Quite true. Best hurry though, your going to be late for dinner if you don't hurry. The navi gestured casually to the small clock ticking in the corner of the PET's screen to add to his point. "Ah crap..." Amadeo muttered as he grabbed his skate board and made his way out the door to head home.