The brilliant flash that followed caused the entire audience of scientists and researchers to avert their eyes. The lone navi had jumped onto the giant's back in the confusion and anchored itself to a ridge on its back. As the monster roared and swung its massive body trying to dislodge its unwelcome passenger, the navi pierced the hard carapace with one arm and began to pour himself into fresh wound.

One of the scientists asked, "What is that navi doing?"

"He's doing what he does best," Albert replied, "He's failing."

The roaring of the monster began to die down as the navi's body appeared to deflate. The shell of bandages that covered it came loose and its shoulder pads dislodged. The navi stared into the camera of the PET and said in a weak voice, "Good- Good-bye Albert and thank you..."

In a matter of moments, all that was left of the navi was a pile of bandages and metal plates. Albert stared at the screen watching the beast breathe its final breaths and finally collapse. Bits of its data broke up slowly starting with its nose and head followed by it's paws and legs. A giant explosion signified the end of the cybeast and of a brave navi.


Albert was eager to try out an improvement to Failureman's running algorithm he had thought of. It was one of many subsystems that needed attention, but the clanking of Failureman's shoes against the ground while stomp-running through the net would finally get a much needed upgrade.

"If he angles his foot down a few degrees to land on his toes it will be that much more like real running..."

In about forty minutes, Albert finished the patch and let it install.

"How's that?" Albert asked.

"It-It is kind of hard," replied Failureman as he fought with his balance.

"Here, let's jack in and you'll have more space. You can head to the playground."