Lex's chillout

Overcome with an amazing sense of boredom, Lex thinks about the limitless things he could do with his time, cure cancer, do his h/w, anything, but instead of doing any number of these amazing things, he decides to test out his new navi.

Lex: Hey you, navi!
Lex: Ya wanna get some experience in?
Navi: If you say so.....

Lex turns around and and jacks in to his computer to do some ol'fasioned batteling
Lex stood up after jacking out from a long day of battling, he was all tuckered out, the only thing he wanted now was his bed.

As he neared his place of rest and relaxation a voice came from his pocket, "m-mmmhmmff", he quickley dug the PET out of his pocket and sttared at the screen, "What do you want?".

The navi, now clearley irritated, "Did you see how close that last battle was? Use the reward money for some upgrades!" Lex watched as the navi slowley began a transwormation into spirit.GMO, but before it was fully completed, he stuffed the PET into his pocket and made a swift exit while ignoring the navis muffled grunts.
Lex rushed through his front door and quickly sat down in front of his PC, "Phantasm, why did you posses my navi?" he asked his ghostly navi in a inquisitive tone, his navi, now in Spirit.GMO replied in a matter of fact tone, "The less you know the better, just jack me in and help me look for those red navi spirits".

Lex rolled his eyes; he knew that this was one navi that was going to be hard work, "fine..." Lex arranged his folder into a convenient order and jacked his navi in.
Lex jumped up out of his chair, dusted the crumbs of his shirt and ran out of the door, while trying to ignore his flaming navis shouting, "Wait, I didn't think you was really going, come back here!" were the last things Lex heard before his front door slammed shut behind him and he ran off into the distance.
Running through the door, Lex threw the pitiful change he had been left with on to the side, Phantasm was gonna kill him, best not to say anything.

Lex ran over to his desk, sat down in his swivel chair and said to the irritated navi, "Honey, I'm home!"
Getting up out of his desk chair, Lex stared at the navi and said tiredly, "So what do you wanna call yourself?"

The navi scratched his chin, looked around for a bit and looked at Lex, "Grey."

"I don't even wanna know, just let me sleep", and with this Lex walked over to his bed, jumped into his duvet and began a nice restful sleep after today's big battles.
Lex woke up with a loud yawn, why he was up so early, then he realised.... HE WAS LATE!!!!

Lex jumped out of his bed, then frantically began to search around for his clothes, he picked up a top he had worn a few days ago, it didn't smell... that much.

He quickly threw on a ragtag bunch of clothes and headed for the door, but just as he was about to shut the door behind him he remembered! It wasn't today. With a sigh of relief he looked up at the beautiful new day and decided to go for a stroll.
Lex opened his door real quietly, he didn't want to wake Phantasm, he would be angry that Lex left him behind.

Lex creped up the stairs, opened his door, and walked over to the PET and there slept the normal navi. Phew he was safe....

"How dare you!?" came an irritated voice from the PET, "I look away for a second and your gone!" Lex saw the flaming navi clear as day making rude gestures at him.

"Wait" said Lex in a attempt to calm the navi, "I was just scouting for a new jack in spot and didn't want to bother you"

"Really?" asked Phantasm, calming down slightly, "Where is this mystery spot?"

Lex had to think quickly, "Ummmm.... SciLabs! Yes SciLabs lets go!!!" And before the flaming navi could make any interjections, Lex had picked him up and the few battle chips they owned and headed out the door.