ACDC, the town where life was at it's fullest, a great town, great people... and great research. Dark hair shining in the bright sky, Draksor stepped out of the subway and faced the city suburbs.

"Hehehe, finally, after 18 years of collecting data for the sake of the future! It is COMPLETE!" Left Shoulder twitching slightly, Draksor reached into his lab coat with his right hand and pulled out his brand new PET, brushing over his french army knife his hand twitched slightly.

"Now to take my experiment into the Net world, to find out if the Net world truly is it's own independent being, with all the fallacies of the real world, or if it's just data!" With a dramatic reveling of his arms a dark smiled widened his face, forcing wrinkles into it. Realizing what he just did, Draksor withdrew his arms into an embarrassed position and quickly pushed the on button on the PET.

"NOW LIVE! LIVE MY GREAT PROJECT! WHICH TOOK ME NO LESS THEN A MINUTE TO MAKE WHICH PROBABLY RESULTED IN FAULTY CODING WHICH I COULD NOT BE BOTHERED TO RECHECK AS MY SCI...." Running out of air, the great scientist collapsed. "Note to self, BREATHE." standing back up, Draksor looked at the screen to see many giant ERROR MESSAGES.

"NO! WHERE COULD I HAVE POSSIBLY GONE WRONG!!!???" skipping over to the jack port, Draksor quickly jacked in the pet while quickly rambling directions to ignore all errors.

"JACK IN! RESEARCH EXPERIMENT SIGMA!" Spinning around in a full circle, sparkles magically appeared *from his lab coat* and if he had long hair and only a quick glance you'd swear he was a bishounen.