Valis' house

Valis strained to reach the turbo oil feed pipe of her car, her small frame sprawled across the engine of the car to get at the back of it in the absence of a proper hoist. After a few moments of struggling she managed to get it properly tightened and crawled back off her car, wiping her brow and shutting the hood. Armoury watched from the bench where the PET was sitting
"You did say you'd try out a bit of virus busting today you know." Valis started to wipe her hands off with a rag as she nodded
"I did...and we will...just had to get her going again." Armoury smirked and gently swayed her tail as she watched
"You could get a different that runs."
"It runs....most of the time, it just needs a bit of love," replied Valis as she put her tools away then picked up her PET and started to head back to the house from the shed in the back. She slipped inside and made her way down to the basement suite she lived in, setting the PET down next to her computer before going to wash her hands off a little more, not wanting to get oil all over her computer. She came back in and plugged the PET into her computer,
"So how was it exactly this sort of thing works again?" Valis asked her Navi.
"It'll be easy, just find a virus and take it out. You have your chips right?" Valis thought about that for a moment, then started digging through the papers in her desk, eventually pulling a few chips from the cluttered mess. She turned her PET over to find the chip slot then nodded to Armoury,
"Alright, I guess we're all set then...let's give this a shot" said Valis as Armoury headed for the net, looking for her first fight.
Valis stretched as she returned home from another day of work, a few days after her first outing with Armoury. She set her PET down on her computer desk and went to go get cleaned up, returning a little while later in her PJs and sitting down at the computer.

"Feel like doing a little busting before supper?" Asked Armoury as she finished sorting emails and such. Valis pondered a moment before plugging the PET into her computer

"I guess it couldn't hurt, it shouldn't be as tough now that you've got a few upgrades." Armoury grinned as she headed for the net,

"That's the spirit" she said as she jacked in.