~ACDC School~

"Could any one tell me the answer to the problem on the board?" The teacher called out to the class of fourth graders. As per routine, it was the last portion of the day, which was devoted to math. Most students were tired out from the rest of the school day, and the other half just didn't care enough to really take math seriously. Thus math was one of the more lacking subjects for this class. Then again, they were only children so that didn't mean much at their age.

"Hm... no one?" The teacher said again, scanning the class for her victim. "Ken, why don't you tell us the answer!" The teacher said with a grin on her face. The child swore that the grin was evil, as was his teacher.

"Sure thing..." He muttered under his breath as he pretended to look down at the paper in front of him and scribble out the problem with one hand. The other hand was busy programing the numbers into his PET, using the calculator to reach the answer quickly.

Within seconds the answer was solved on the PET, and the child stole a glance downwards. The answer was spelled out for him in large digital numbers, and it only took a moment before he raised his head and shouted the answer.

"42!" Ken called out triumphantly.

"Wrong!" The teacher blurted out quickly, with a vengeance. The classroom filled with laughter, and Ken's face lit up in embarrassment. Luckily the bell tolled, signaling the end of the school day. Ken was saved from another attack from his teacher.

Wasting no time at all, the youth left school in a hurry and continued non-stop until he reached his home fifteen minutes later. Once home he realized that both his parents were still at work and the majority of his siblings not home yet. He always was the fastest one to get home.

"Looks like we got time Mech!" The child said excitedly, ready to explore the internet with his best friend.

"Jack In!"