Back home in ACDC......

Dark Boy and Trillian came back to ACDC Town, Jieves waiting at the door.

How was your journey Master Trill? And is Dark Boy feeling alright? I hope you don't mind, but I went on your Computer and deleted the NetHome Program since I heard it was Malfunctioning.

Yes Jieves, its ok. I was going to do it myself when we got back. Dark Boy and I are going to do some virus busting!

You do that! I'll be down here tending to LambMan.

Ready, Dark Boy?
Lets do it! Dark Boy said happily.

Dark Boy, sitting on Trillian's shoulder as a Hologram, and Trillian went upstairs to do some virus busting. As Trillian got to his computer, he noticed that Jieves also tideed [sp] up his Desktop in Alphabetical order.
Now, Dark Boy got into his PET, and Trillian said the famous words,


ACDC Area 1

"Wow Trillian, that was some pretty awesome busting!" Dark Boy said.

Well, we are still Newbz at this, but I think we are getting used to it. What do you wanna do now?

Dark Boy, sitting on Trillians shoulder, wounds healing, he wondered the exact same thing. They had a little extra money now, but they probably couldnt buy a Strong BattleChip.

Sorry for the Short Episode! ILL EDIT LATER.
Dark Boy bandaged his wounds, and Trillian went to get a nice, cool, Dr. Pepper. Trillian had always loved Doctor Pepper because of its cherry taste and spicyness, if you know what he means. So he was sipping his soda, cleaning up the kitchen with Jieves. He left his PET on the Dock as well did Jieves.

Dark Boy and LambMan were REALLY kickin up a fight! They where arguing over who was stronger.

IM STRONGER!Dark Boy bellowed.


Jieves, even in his old age heard the terrible rucus the two where making up there and fled up the stairs leaving Trill to finish wiping up the spilled Dr. Pepper on the counter. After that was done, Trillian decided something, VERY, VERY, surprising to Jieves, and even Dark Boy and LambMan...Then he pulled out, his Passport.
Jieves Hurredly rushed back down the stairs with 2 PETs. Dark Boy and LambMan's PETs were both mounted in the latch on Jieves' arm. He quickly gave the PET to Trillian, while shutting LambMan into sleep mode and turning the PET off.

I'm deeply sorry for the trouble, Master Trill.

Honestly Jieves, you push yourself to hard! It isnt a big deal that our NetNavis are fighting.

Dark Boy was standing there inside his PET wondering what LambMan was doing.

Dark Boy was thinking "Could he be Polishing up his horns? Sharpening them? Practicing his speed?"

Obviously none of those where true, but Dark never knew that LambMan was the biggest slacker on the Net. He doesnt pick up after himself, he runs into people for fun, hes a huge bully!

Well Dark Boy, Jieves, I have a big announcement to make. We are going to take a trip to Netopia.

Jieves' eyes sparkled at the thought of Netopia, but they soon faded in sadness.

Do you mind me asking why? I must get the chores finished while you're gone.

Jieves thought that Trillian was leaving him here while he went on vacation.

What goes through this man's mind, Trillian thought as he said, Your coming along to, of course!

Wouldn't you need someone to stay here and keep things neat and tidy?

That is the silliest thing I have ever heard, Jieves. Your part of the family, you have to come. I already bought plane tickets and re-newed your passports. And Jieves, if we arent here how can this place get dirty?

Jieves immediatly started to weep in happiness at the sound of those kind words.

I-i-i-i- Thought you wouldnt take me with you because whenever the other Master and Masteresses left on vacations or trips, they always left me here....

Dark Boy was to tired to take much notice of the news, so he dozed off to sleep and soon his data compiled into sleep mode. Trillian saw this and turned his PET off.
Trillian was sitting there on the couch, thinking harder and harder about moving. He was only taking a TRIP to see if Netopia's Viruses where to hard and the place is good for him.

Jieves, I already packed up some of your things last night. They are in the trunk of the Limo.

!!! You got into my stuff!!?? And prepared for me??

So Jieves went and grabbed LambMan's PET, and his personal laptop computer and got into the front seat, with the computer and PET in the Glove Compartment (Which contained his gloves, an extra PET-Stylus, his Sub-PET, some battle chips of his, and Trillian's scarf. Today was a hot day so Trillian didnt wear it.

Jieves! I'll be out in a second, Im grabbing some stuff!

Trillian put is PET in its Holster on his arm, shoved his battle chips into his pocket, threw his Navi-Cust into his suitcase, put on his high boots, and dashed out the door. Jieves popped open the trunk and Trillian put his suitcase in, and closed the door and hopped in the passengers seat, while putting his PET into the dock.

Ok, Jieves! Ready to go!

As you wish, Master.

Jieves speedily drove off out of the courtyard and down the highway to the airport.
They where about half way there when Trillian's PET started to Humm and Pur like a cat. Dark Boy was awake now, running around like mad speeding up the PET's Processing Speed. Trillian immediately switched on the PET to see Dark running like a mad man.


Dark Boy slowly started to decline in speed.

I,I,I,I Can't help myself! I need to bust some viruses! I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS MINISCULE SPACE! NOW!

We can't right now, we are on the way to the airport to go to Netopia. But you can make it feel more open sitting on my shoulder. Activate your Hologram Prog.

Actually Trill, just jack him in to the net! I forgot to mention that that dock is connected to this car's database which is wirelessly connected to the internet. Every Limo in my company has to connect to a database or it won't drive. The database records where all the Limos drive, where they get gas and how much, and how far.

Are you serious? Well Dark Boy, whaddyah' say!


Ugggh, same as always, Dark, same as always.


So Trillian then plugged the PET in using the classic cord that connects the PET to the dock.


What was that jack out for! I wanted to fight some more!

Dark Boy didnt know the surprise that was soon to come....

You can bet on it that you'll be fighting again soon!

Trill, we are here. ACDC Airport.

Trillian grabbed his stuff including his PET and so did Jieves and then they ran through, flashed there passports, did a quick bagage check, and boarded the plane. Little did they know, but they got on the plane to YOKA.



TRILLIAN.. Dark Boy muttered under his breath.
I-I-I don't know what happened! (Eyes Twitching)

Trillian, you dragged me here, and you are going let me OFF for the time being! I can at least enjoy the HotSprings. know why where here!

Quote (Trillian)

I have a feeling you'll be in YokaNet soon...

Yeah! Now I have to wait HERE while my operator sinks his wrinkles in the HotSpring! LambMan shouted ANGERLY.

[sup]Dark Boy, please don't tell Jieves. I wanted it to be just you and me...but I didn't wanna make the man feel bad..*SOB*[/sup]

The flight attendant walked by in a bout an hour and gave them Dr. Peppers. Then Trillian and Jieves fell asleep, but later awoke to the quarelling of LambMan and Dark Boy.

"IM STRONGER!" They both kept yelling at eachother.

A-are we almost there Dark Boy? Im sleepy... Trillian asked tiredly.

Its...ok that you dragged me here...we'll have a good.. time...

Then Trillian glanced out the window staring down at the beautiful Yoka Trees in the Yoka Forests, and eventually the plain got so low he could even SMELL the Yoka Food from the vendors...

Well, we are pulling into the Airport, so fasten your seatbelt Jieves. BTW put your PET in its Holster.

I am NOT being your butler during this time...matter of fact, I am taking a plane BACK to ACDC.

((To Yokaport))

((Jieves BACK HOME))

I can't beleive that we got put on the wrong plane....I kinda felt bad for yelling at him like that...

Trillian left Sam and StealthMan at the park to fend for themselves, and he walked down the street to his mansion. Dark Boy, I hope your all right. I will give you a little more time to rest before the next Net Battling session. Then Trillian walked through the door with Jieves meeting him there.

Master Trillian, shall I take yo- STOP! I do NOT WANT YOU TO BE MY BUTLER ANYMORE! You want to do every little thing for me! Also, you wont be my butler for long. I have decided to move to Netopia.

W-W-W-W-what!? You heard me, now I am off to Netopia. The bags are all ready from the trip to Yoka, and as your final chore, you shall pack my computer into a box with spongey protection, and send it to Netopia address 3335 Netopia Castle. I will be living inside the castle with Pride and the staff. I have looked it up the other night. Good DAY sir. And you must give the house to Sam and StealthMan.

Dark Boy was asleep, but he heard about the news as Trillian caught a metroline and rode to the Denport, and as he got off, his flight to Netopia was taking off in 30 minutes. He dashed through the security and all the boring stuff he had to go through, and hopped on the plane to Netopia.

Here we go...


Thankyou for boarding Air Netopia! We hope you have an enjoyable journey! BEEEEP!

Trillian sat next to these to fat guys who loved eating chicken. FRIED chicken. They would drop slop and all sorts of stuff on him, and talk about their parents. And worst of all, Trillian was stuck right in the MIDDLE.

12 Hours later....

ZZZZzzzzzz.... Went the fat dudes.

Trillian, I am glad I am not you right now. Dark Boy said completely healed from the previous battle.

The fat guys farted a little more, and thankfully, the pilot announced that the flight would be over in a matter of minutes. Trillian got off the plane covered in gunk, took a shower in the community wash halls, grabbed his bags, and went off to his new home in Netopia Castle.


((Netopia! YAY!!!))