Sam awaked at 8:00AM.

Sam:"Hey, Stealth time to do some jobs."

Stealth:"Sucks to be you."

Sam:"Ya, probaly."

Sam started looking for a job. After a hour of job hunting he finnaly found a job. "looking for house and Dog watcher!"

Sam:"Thats it! Piece of cake!"

Then Sam walked toward the given address.

Sam"Ok it sais third house on Elm Street."

Stealth:"That reminds me of something...Fred...Freddy...Cougar...No thats not it."

Once they arrived a Old lady apeared at the door.

Old Lady:"You must of replied to my add."

Sam & Stealth:"uhh...ya."

"Oh good, good come in."

They walked in and sat on a couch.

Sam:"So,...Old Bag...Uh I meen lady how much will you be paying us?"

Old Lady:"Depends how good you do. Do exactly what the add sais. I'll be leaving now!"

Before Sam could say "Wait" she was gone."

So Sam just left.

Sam:"I'll just leave, She's probally not gonna pay us. Besides whats the worst thing could happen to her house and dog?"

Later that day...

News host:"Old Ladies house blows up with dog inside it, the third house on elm street."

Sam:"uh oh..."