John curiously walked down the road of ACDC town. He looked at the houses which were well kept and full of life.

"Kinda reminds me of home," John stated aloud, noticing a car moving in their direction and walking towards the sidewalk.

"Cause it's boring?" Asked Dove from his crappy, yet comfortable PET.

"Not really, more because, well, it makes me feel happy." John admitted Grabbing his PET from out of his pocket. "Is something bothering you? You see a bit uncomfortable."

"This is the kinda place Ken lived in too." He answered quietly.

"Your old Owner... Well, it's not like you to be all sad about it."

"I never said I was sad! I'm thankful in a way. He didn't meet a painful death. The car crash killed him instantly. And he was a good kid. A few years older than you I think. I'm sure he's in heaven." Dove stated cheerfully. "It's been at least 2 years since then."

"So you had to wait in your PET for two years before I found you?!"

"Not exactly," he said with a chuckle. "The crash damaged my PET, and I was put into a coma. When I woke up, I was falling into a mass heap of Junk data. I suspect someone jacked me into the net, but I don't know who or why. I did the best I could there, fighting viruses that came my way. I was too weak without an Operator, I had to hide myself most of the time. I did however make traps so that I could delete the viruses without fighting them. As time passed on, I began to lose limbs, and I became weaker. I eventually gathered a whole bunch of materials and forged myself new armor. Without Battle chips, all I had was my Ten commandments' Fist. I figured it would be good to add on some attack power, as well as some more defense to my only weapon. It took a while, but I eventually made my new weapon, "2n'd" because it's my second Weapon."

"Well that's unoriginal." said John blandly.

"Aside from the name, it was a pretty good thing. It hasn't failed me, and it's the reason I could get out of that place, and into the net"

"Hey Look over there! It's a Jack in port!" Exclaimed John.

"Word. Let's do some training."

"Awright." John said, whith a grin on his face.

"Well, don't just stand there grinning! Get Moving!!!"

As, he ran towards the Jack-in port, he held up Dove's PET and said: "Let's Do this! Jack - IN!"

A beam of light traveled towards the port, and Dove's data was transfered into it.