The Beginning of her NetReporter Career

Soon after posting the hopefully Eye-grabbing thread in request for information, Rose was relatively satisfied.

She was pretty sure that with such an urgent sounding title she was bound to get views, but just in case she decided to do some shameless anonymous self-promoting. "Besides, it's what a real reporter would do; Anything in order to get the News out there." She thought to herself.

Quickly making a post on a NetRumor board, with the duel purpose of promoting herself and gathering information, she decided to make a reply of her won, under the guise of another random Netgoear, in order to try and stimulate the conversation. "Well, really observant people may notice that they were all posted withing 15 minutes of eachother, but there's nothing I can do about that due to time constraints." She thought, before returning her attentions to real life.

"Oh, well Real life information will have to wait, looks like it's about time for me to head off to school." She thought.

It seemed like today may drag on forever, but she would have to deal. She could begin researching as soon as school was out.

Hoping to get the day over with as quickly as possible, she hurried out, jumped in her car and drove off. She didn't wait for Connor, he'd have to catch the bus today.

"Ditching your brother again?" SummonerMan chimed in.

"He's old enough to take care of himself, if he's not ready when I leave, he can catch the bus." Rose replied as she drove.

"I suppose you're right. The "Chief" will have take Public transport, today." SummonerMan said, mainly to himself, with a smile. The antics of Rose's younger brother's navi were ridiculous to the point of being amusing. Or at least enough so that he could get a chuckle out of making fun of them.

Rose's mind was on other topics, like the road and her first issue.
Rose wasn't quite happy with how much she had learned. "There's so much more that I still don't know." she thought, "But people will lose interest if I don't publish soon, and I can always have a 'revisited' article, so I guess I'll just start now." She decided.

Sitting down at her computer, she began to type. However, deciding that SummonerMan might as well have some fun while she was doing this, she figured she'd jack him into the Net. "Hey, Summ, what do you think about a busting run?" she offered.

"Whatever." SummonerMan replied disinterestedly. "I suppose I could, if you really want to."

"Great. Make some money while your out there." Rose replied, as she prepared to jack him in.

"Great, now I'm a tool." SummonerMan replied sarcastically, shaking his head, "Great Operator you are."

"Shut up and get on with it." Rose told him, as his data spiraled away onto the net.