The new PET OS

One day, Trillian was propped up on the sofa, watching his favorite show, MonkMan. MonkMan was about a navi who has the PoD (Pshycological Disorder) Patch. The patch was released when the PoD virus appeared. It malfunctioned.
But it made this navi very good at solving murders. His wife, Trudy.EXE got deleted by a NetCar bomb possibly from Warrek.EXE, 6Fingers.EXE, or DaleWale.EXE. Jieves was behind him tidying up the Kitchen from their meal of Macaroni & Cheese and Milkshakes. Some milk and icecream spilled as well as some cheese. Jieves INSISTED on cleaning up alone.

"Jieves, really, you don't have to. You work to hard!"

"Do you honestly care? You have more time on your hands if he cleans up."

"But it isnt nice to just leave a huge mess and expect someone else to pick it up"

"Isn't that why we even HAVE a Butler?"

You have a butler in there?

Mine is lazy. His processes are slow."

So Trillian let Jieves work his magic, while he watched TV. Dark Boy just practiced on the running track programmed into the NetHome. Then Trillian noticed this one ad on televison. It was a news update.

ALL NETBATTLERS PLEASE LISTEN! A Virus known as the TrojanButler has moved in and contaminated all NetHomes with the current PET Operating System! A New OS will be released by the Sci-Lab. The down side is that one of the doctors there has to install it.

To be continued....
Dark Boy and Trillian heard this, worrying that the TrojanButler has invaded their PET.

"Trillian, shut the PET off! We can't risk anymore contamination!"

"Good idea Dark Boy, I'll do that now."

SO Dark Boy went into sleep mode and Trillian turned off the PET.

"Ok, now lets go on the net."

So Trillian went upstairs and into his room. grabbed his laptop, hopped into bed, and turned on his Computer.

"Lets see....ACDC here it is! The download!"

So Trillian clicked on the download link and waited the 60 Seconds before downloading.....*60 Seconds Later*

"Ok, ready! Download, start!"

So the download for:


Started! In about 5 Minutes the new PET firmware was done downloading.

*Added to KeyItems*

"Now, its time to go to Sci-Labs. Havent been there since the tourny"