Trillian's New Home

Butler: Oh hello, Trillian. I am jieves. Your Personal Butler. My NetNavi LambMan will tend to Dark Boy's every need. Also, I have created a home for Dark Boy on the Net. I even built an App. for your PET so you don't have to jack in to view it! So now Dark Boy can live within your PET in the comfort of your home. Plus, no viruses will come in!

Trill: Hello Jieves, nice to meet you. How do you know about me and my Navi?

I have been the butler her for 12 Years now. Recently, our old tennant Mrs. Oxata passed away, so I have been living here alone for the past month. I keep the house spick and span. I always have information on the newest tennant!

Thanks Jieves! I hope we can become good friends, don't you think Dark?

"[sub]Who gets a navi called LambMan[/sub] Oh what? Yes I think thats wonderful!

Hey Trillian, Im really tired from today's journey. Lets look around and go to sleep!"

Dark Boy, I think thats a great idea. Tommorow, we'll go pick out our computer!

By the way Trillian, or should I say Master Trillian, since Im your butler? The swimming pool is out back, and the cleaner is scheduled to run once at 11 PM every night. And the Balcony is upstairs in the Master Bedroom. Thats your room! And there is a basking deck on the roof. Dark Boy has a computer desk and a PET holder in your room. The TV already has Dish installed, so you can watch your favorite shows! Such as Net Play, Do you think you can Battle? and MonkMan. The other rooms are guest rooms. I sleep down here in the slaves closet. Don't worry about me!

Thanks Jieves, you are so kind! Well, im gonna go unpack.

May I take your bags, Master Trillian?

No thanks, I can take em!
So Dark Boy got into his Net Home, and Trillian went upstairs to look around. There where 2 Guests rooms, a PlayRoom, 2 bathrooms (1 Full and 1 Master), and an office. Probably used by Webmasters who lived here a long time ago.

Dark Boy, how do you like your new NetHome?

"It's great Trill. Hows your house?"

Still lookin' around. So far its pretty sweet!

So Dark Boy went swimming in his NetBackyard while Trillian started unpacking.

This place is awesome, and its all mine! Satelite TV, Mr. MonkMan, a POOL, a BASKING DECK, a BALCONY, a HUGE BED!

Trillian was satisified with the new furnishing. It was modern but chic. Perfect for him. Plus, he didnt even see the desktop computer and the laptops waiting for him....never used. He finished unpacking, grabbed his PET, and noticed the computer as he was walking out the door.

Wow Dark Boy, two new computers! Including wireless routers! Wanna set em' up?

"Sure Trillian. I've been DYING to go on the Net"

So Dark Boy watched as Trillian plugged in cords here and there and everywhere! He booted up the CPU and signed in.