Well, today I just got here. And Let me tell yah,

net battling here is alot different than my old home. It will take a while to get used to this different way of NetBattling. My NetNavi, Dark Boy and I are starting all over. No more fastest NetNavi no more Official no more SSS rank. Startin out fresh. We hope to make some friends here. We were planning to make our debut in Netopia, because I've been on some trips there and it seems like a cool place to live. I would have gona to Netfrica, but it was to hot. "Remember that time it was so hot you had to sleep in the bathtub, master?". Yes Dark Boy I remember that quite well. It was such a beautiful place, but just to hot. Electopia seemed like a good place to settle down, but we are definately moving to Netopia when we get stronger. "Master, what house will we live in?" I think there is an old abandoned house. "Well, is it fixed up? Livable?" Yes of course it is Dark.

So we hope to make some friends!