Jay strolled into ACDC's town park, still a bit tense from his meeting with Ceres just a few days before. He was a bit shaken up because of all these new challenges arising- the Netmafia were a given, but the Met Hero also posed as a rival to Jay and Big.

"Alright, man." Jay muttered as he whipped Big's PET out of his back pocket. "We got some serious trainin' ta do. We gotta get stronger, jus' in case we need to go up against the Netmafia again."

"Ain't them I'm worried about, Jay..." Big replied. "I just wanna go back and fight the Met Hero again, and kick him out!"

"Me too, bud, but the Netmafia are more dangerous. Personally, I think we should boost our defensive thoughts before running into the offensive. So let's just get a quick, hard training session in, then we'll call it a day. Kapeesh?"

"Alright, Jay. You're the boss." Big said, slightly averting his eyes. Jay walked over to the nearest public access terminal, and plugged the PET into the slot.

"Big! Jack in!"