((From Electown))
Ronike stepped off the metro and walked out onto the street.

"Why did we need to do this again?.. I could be at home right now sleeping..."

"Come on Ronike, it was noon! Get over it man!"

"Well, I wouldn't be tired, except SOMEONE insisted we virus bust at 4 in the morning..."

"Meh, you had fun, admit it! Let's just go check on that chip, maybe we can afford it now!"

Ronike walked over to the chip shop and check the pricing of the chips there.

"Well... we still don't have enough... Joy, a trip for no reason..."

"Chill man! We'll just go bust some more virii and get some zennies man! WOO!"

Ronike walked away from the chip store and over to the famous Squirrel of ACDC, which conveniently had a jack-in port to the ACDC net.

"Man can you think of anything else... and this was your plan all along, wasn't it? Oh well, might as well since we are here... Strouth.exe, Jack in...

Ronike aimed the PET at the squirrel and sent his bloodthirsty navi onto the net.

((Jack-in to ACDC net))