Alan awoke with a start as a pigeon flew in through the open window, cooing unnaturally loud. He rushed over to shoo the pigeon out of the window, and looked out the window as he did so. The sun was high in the sky, and it must be around noon already. He turned to look at his clock. It turned out to be eleven forty. His head whipped around to his PET, finding Peroba leaning against the side of the confines of the PET, dozing.
"Peroba," Alan screamed, "why didn't you wake me at ten like I told you?"
Peroba gazed up from his glazed eyes to see Alan with his frustrated face on. He groaned. "I guess I must have forgotten..." Peroba said, scratching himself with his gun blade. Alan's face burned with rage.
"Forgot! Forgot! How could you have forgotten to wake me?" Alan screamed, then, after a few seconds, he seemed to calm. "Ok, whatever. It's done now... I guess I should go get ready now." Alan strolled over to the bathroom. Peroba gave himself a small fist pump at his success. Alan turned after Peroba finished. "I saw that," he said.
As Alan walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed, he walked over to his PET and started to shake it violently. "Perb, I want to bust SOMETHING today..." He screamed over the intense rattling of his PET. Peroba held onto the side of the PET, clinging for dear life.
"Ok, OK," he screamed to relive himself of the shaking. Alan smirked as he walked over to his laptop to jack in. Once Peroba could be seen walking into ACDC Net, Alan gave himself a small fist pump as well. Peroba said over his shoulder, "I saw that Alan."