"Aaaaagggh! Damnit Lien, hurry the hell up!" came the barking voice of Shizuka, completely contradicting her name.

Emosawa put down the brush he was using to tend to his hair with a sigh. It seemed like lately Shizuka could hardly even wait to jack into the net. It was like fighting was all that she had on her mind... On second thought, that sounds exactly like her all the time.

"Lien! Stop standing there like a stupid bimbo and come on on already!"

Blushing in embarassment about not even responding to his navi, she acted swiftly. "Ah, uh, right! Coming!"

With a few quick movements, he left the mirror in his bathroom, stepped into his room, and retrieved the pink-and-black PET from his neatly organized desk. "So, will it be the usual again, Shizuka?"

"Yeah, guess so. Come on, just jack me in already. I'm itching to kick some virus ass, here."

With a nod, Emosawa opened up his pink laptop, and made the connection with the PET. "Alright, your connected Shizuka. You can enter now."

"No, no, no! You have to put some emotion into! Come on! Scream 'Jack in!' or something!" came the reply before she was transferred.

Emosawa felt his blush return to him. "Ah... that's... a little much, for me."