Another Day

Another new day, this time Rose sat at home thinking about NetBattling. "So, Summ," She began, "I was thinking more about our chips."

"This again? What did you think of now." He replied.

"Hey, I'm not on this too often." She said. "Anyways, I was talking to someone who brought up that we should have a plan for your chip folder. And I decided it should follow your theme."

"I hate to tell you this," SummonerMan replied, "But we're currently far from fitting the theme. Also, only summoning objects will make it harder and harder still, as we explore deeper parts of the net. I mean, they're great, but they aren't exactly the greatest immediate damage dealers."

"I know, I thought about that, too." She said. "And that's what got me looking for chips that are efficient at dealing damage, ones that are multi-use and deal damage. That's where I found the swords."

"And how's the hunt for those going, anyways?"

"Poorly, but still, shut up and listen." Rose said. "I figure we'll just use a couple of those, and fill the rest with objects for your folder. Maybe keep a defense or healing chip until we find enough theme chips, but otherwise, we'd be good."

"Whatever, they're your chips." He said. "I just use them. If you want to make a themed folder for me, I give you my consent."

"I didn't need it, but thanks." She said.

"That was rude." SummonerMan commented.

"You'd know." Rose replied.

"So, let me make sure I understand; you're just going to go and ditch chips we have to get ones you want?" he echoed.

"Well, get them, or get money, which could later be used to buy them or purchase upgrades." She answered.

"Alright." SummonerMan said once more. "Go for it. And tell me when you're ready to do something fun."

"Will do." Rose said, as she went online again to set up her thread on the Chip BBS.
After setting up her thread, remembering her experience with the Knife search thread, she figured that it'd be best to go on with her life and not wait around until stuff happened.

What to do now. . . she pondered. Well, I have to stay home today, since Mom's took my car while her's is in the shop. She thought.

"Hey Summ, how does a mission sound to you?" She asked.

SummonerMan stood up in his PeT. "A mission? Like what?"

"Like a mission for the NetPolice. They have some volunteer board online. Apparently they give out decent rewards, too. I'm not sure about what, though." She answered.

"What'd we be doing?" the Navi asked.

"I don't know, Summ. They'll tell us when we get there, I guess." She said.

"Oh boy, I love surprises." Summ replied, sarcasm dripping.

"C'mon, Summ; Do it for me?" she requested, making her most persuasive/cute face.

"Whatever, its not like I have a choice anyway." Summ said. "Or anything better to do."

"Alright, let's check out that board!" Rose said, happy to have something somewhat interesting to do now.
A while later...

Rose reclined in her chair after hearing the car pull into the driveway. "I can't believe we didn't get a mission after all those minutes." She complained. "Well, atleast we have a car now, so we can do something."

"Whatever you say, Ma'am." SummonerMan said, relatively uninterested. "Contact me when you decide to do something worth me caring."

"Thanks for your deep concern about my affairs. You're a peach." She said dryly, thinking. Well, I could start up my research today. Today should be a day for fun, I guess. So maybe I'll stop in at what's-his-face's shop and blow some of this new zenny we've netted from our chip trades and virus runs. I'll have to decide on what I do next from there.

Walking down her stairs, she passed her mother, who acknowledged her presence with a "Hello, honey." which required a response, trapping Rose in conversation.

After asking about each other's day and other such civilities, Rose mentioned that she would head out, with not much planned.

"Well, Janet and her kids went to the zoo last weekend, I heard that that's supposed to be pretty fun. They say there are lot's of neat exhibits there." Her mother told her.

"Thanks, Mom, I'll think about it." Rose said, as she grabbed her keys and headed out the door. Hopping into her shiny, black convertible (sporting a pair of thick white stripes down the hood and trunk), Rose pulled out of her driveway and headed down the road. As she cruised by in style, she couldn't help but be appreciative of her doting father and the rather decent amount of money he made.