As Dave finished with the shopping, we went home. He opened the door, and went in.
-Computer, lights on, 80%.
He went in the kitchen, and put the stuff he bought in the fridge.


-Ow, crap. I forgot to buy cat food.
His cat was looking at him and purring.
-Looks like you'll hate me
-Meauw ...

Dave opened a tin of sardine, and gave it to the cat. After that, he went in the living-room and turned on the beamer. The wall was functioning as a monitor with this clever device. He replied some e-mails from his firends and then ...

-Are you ready?
-I thought you'll never ask that.
-So, are you ready?
-Yeah. Ready as always
-I just wanted to hear that. It's time to make some shooting test, what do you think?
-Sounds good. What are we waiting for?
-Nothing. And I've got a little suprise to you, check it out.

A second later Raider was flying towards ACDC net, thinking on what that suprise could be ...