Four-o'-clock in the afternoon; the one time in the day when the sun's attention was fixed elsewhere and when the most clouds were out to block the heat. The shadows of those white puffs of gas in the sky covered the ground below with its veil of cool shade, allowing only enough light to brighten the area and give the surrounding structures and plant life shadows barely noticeable shadows of their own. Paired with the fresh, chilly breeze that blew from the winter winds of the neighboring countries, it seemed like as good a day as any to just get out of one's stuffy little house and enjoy the outside air.

"I want some icecream. Let's go to the store."

"But you said you would not bring your wallet today."


It was as good a day as any, but there were those who craved for a little more frost than a cold afternoon could offer (an icecream sandwich, perhaps). But whether or not the person in question even had the spare change to make that kind of purchase made no difference. It was a fine day, and the lack of frozen dairy sweets was not going to change that.

"Perhaps you would rather rest on those benches," a metallic voice somewhat like that of a speaker on a very old radio rang from the raven-haired boy's PET device as he held it in his left hand, the right's grip wrapped on the handle of his small electric scooter. He steered to the left and toward the ACDC park, dodging a large rock or two until finally beaking to a halt beside one of the trees. Taking his subtley insistent Navi's suggestion, he stepped off his childish two-wheeled scooter and leaned it on the tree's tough bark before stumbling over to the wooden bench beside him. "It is rather breezy in this particular area."

"Were you able to download that book into the files?" The boy in the black coat spoke to the red and purple device in his hand, figuring it pointless to reply to the Navi's obvious statement.

"It is currently at eighty percent." The puppet-like Navi responded, an image of the book's cover filling the PET's screen for a moment before disappearing again. The optical eye on the PET flickered with a green light and a holographic keyboard appeared an inch above the screen, hovering neutrally over it like an invisible surface. Another holographic screen appeared upright behind the keyboard, shifting through various names and images in shimmering colors. "Would you like to take a look at what has already been completed?"

He allowed himself a tired smile, taking off his matching black fedora and wiping his forehead with a handkerchief before turning his attention to the streaming colors and numbers. With a few taps on the hologram's keys, he made the screen and the keyboard dissipitate, and the lights from the PET's optical eye shut off with a soft whirring sound. "It's no problem. I can wait."

"As you say, Jan. Anything you would wish me to make better use of my idle time?"

The boy with the long, ribboned hair (not the large, girlish ribbons mind you) referred to as Jan took a deep breath. The air felt so clean, he thought. "Nah. I'd rather enjoy your company."