"...Is that get up REALLY necesscary?" Sketi asked, her voice in uncertainty of her Operator's clothing choice. "You're wearing a rain coat in your own bathroom." Karin ignored her for the moment, her outfit squeaking as she shut the door behind her and headed over to the toilet. She paused to answer with her calm, quiet voice and to push the rug over to the bottom of the door with her feet.

"I know, and it is. Don't want to be covered in toilet water if we mess up." Using a booted foot instead of her hand Karin flipped up the toilet seat and peered in. "...yeah the water is definately rising." She said after a moment, stepping back from the trouble. "The program is suppose to keep it only one-half full, right? Its at least two-thirds." After setting her Pet and chips down on the sink's counter to free up her hands, she began moving bottles of hairspray and the like from the top of the toliet into the tub.

"So, the program isn't doing its job, what do you think the problem will be?" Sketi called, fiddling with the wires on her right. "We mean, is it just bugged, not enough maintence, or viruses?" Her left hand drifted from the wires to cup her chin. "If its bugged we'll have to get professional plumbers, if its just maintence we might still have to get professional plumbers if the damage is severe. If its viruses...well, we can handle those on our own!" She declared, the hand cupping her chin bunching into the air above her head, nearly missing the Linky segment on her left. Karin continued moving things as her Navi listed possible causes and solutions, finally giving a short nod as she opened the top of the toilet and looked in.

"The light's orange. Is it usually?" She asked, reaching out to tap the shaded water-proof casing that protected the toilet's electronics. "The cleaning stuff is also low, we'll worry about that after finding out the problem." Karin reached behind her, groping around on the counter before grabbing the Pet and transferring it to her right hand. The left hand returned to the sink for the chips as she straighted up and looked down at her Navi. "Ready?"

"Ready." Sketi replied, giving a sigh as she calmed down and began to focus on the task at hand. "Jack me in!" Karin nodded and tilted the Pet so the jack-in port flashed and Sketi was transfered into the toilet's computer.