Just Visiting

((Gray writing=RogueMan.EXE, Red writing=Arcadius. Just to verify^^))
Arcadius is just visiting ACDC to do some research on virii of ACDC and a few other things he had to do on his list.

While walking around Arcadius heard his P.E.T. and knew Rogue had something to say;

Aw, why can't we go do stuff in the net, it works out better for me Rogue complained. Well, it's because research isn't always done on the net, many things can also be done out here. Arcadius replied back with a skeptical look on his face. You sure there isn't anything else that is making you want to go in? Like, virus busting? No, I just want in. P.E.T.'s aren't all that great, you would know if you could come in one. Rogue kept pestering Arcadius about going on the net that eventually Arcadius just put him back in the holster and kept on walking.
Eventually after more then 15 minutes of annoyance from Rogue, Arcadius decided he'd let Rogue go on the net for a little just to bust a few virii.
FINALLY YOU GAVE IN Rouge chanted repeatedly, rubbing it in Arcadius' face. Don't push your luck, I may just change my mind, or even worse, do something to you. Arcadius threatened with a serious look on his face, which eventually broke into a smile and he started to laugh. Lighten up, I was just messing around, you gotta have some fun once in a while, jeez. Arcadius said with laughter breaking up some of his sentence. Jacked-In Here