The new kid (PM if you want to get my soul)

The boy walked out his small driveway wondering what could happen this town seemed boring to him."Well now that this is the most boring place in the world I may as well see what the viruses are like"said the boy looking for girls."Ya a nice chip...or two would be nice And if you meet any friends thats good.A partner is always good in a new town.They could"he was cut of by his master."Ya but if its a girl then I'll have more the chips and viruses on my mind" he said thinking of girls."Well then to the house"he said running as fast as he could when he got hit in the head by his own door."Andrew where are...oh sorry son"his father said helping him up."Anyways I need you and Blackblade to take this data to the square"he said plugging something into his PET."Ok dad but after that can we look around on the net"he asked feeling like a kid."Ya I guess but make sure you"."Study I know"he shouted cutting his dad short.
Later that day...
"Ok Andrew I gave the data to the navi from sci-lab so...battling?"the dark navi asked feeling a huge urge to cut something from this part of the net."Ya ok"said Andrew fearing the fact that he didn't know what viruses could come from nowhere.
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Logan walked up to Andrew.

"Hey newbie," Logan said to the stranger. Logan took the liberty of jacking into the port next to the one Andrew was about to jack in to.

"Let's see what you can do."
"OK but don't think that because i'm new I can't win" he said with a smile on his face.His navi dashed at his new rival with a black blur and tried to cut his arm."Oh the names Andrew and this is Blackblade" he said putting out his arm.
"Oh no. I wasn't looking for a battle," Logan said, "I want to see what you can do cooperatively. Jack in and lets do this."
"Oh ok"said Andrew "well the computer at my house can hold both of us jacking"he continued heading toward his house."Follow me if you can"he yelled over his shoulder as he ran over to his house.
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Logan followed.
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As Andrew walked to his house he felt something weird near this boy almost like he wasn't a normal boy.He invited the boy into his room which was small but a bright blue that made him feel peaceful."Well my skills are a little rusty cause I haven't fought in a while"he said nervous not knowing what viruses in this net were like."Jack in Blackblade execute" but then his partner gave him an emotional bust."Time to chop them down to size".
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Logan jacked in.
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