Virus busting is a dish best served with others

Logan entered the park, PET in hand. He had been home alone on a Saturday, and he had decided to get some fresh air.

"I wish the Net had nature like this..." said Arma as he looked on the fauna and foliage.

"Hey Arma."


"Do you ever wish you were able to live like us humans out in the real world?" Logan inquired.

Logan sat down on a nearby bench in the middle of the park. He looked at the landscape. It was the same as always. He began to think deeply.

Then Logan's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of barking. Logan turned around to see a pug inside a metal cage. Logan noticed the cage from one summer when he helped pick up miscellaneous garbage around the park from people littering for community service. It was the cage that the groundskeeper kept his gardening supplies in. It had an electronic lock that the groundskeeper never locked on it.

Logan rose from the bench and got down on his knees. He tried to open the cage, but to no avail. The lock was active. It seemed like the pug wandered into the cage and then the door closed and the lock malfunctioned and locked the canine in. Logan glanced over at the groundskeeper's house across from the bench Logan was sitting at before and saw a note saying he was on vacation and wouldn't be back for a few weeks. Logan guessed it was his job to get the pug out. He jacked into the malfunctioning lock.
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