Even Newer Beginnings

<It's entirely too dangerous for you two to remain in this domain. I'm sorry I have to do this, but the situation is even out of my own hands now. I'm sending you two somewhere safer, until we can safely resolve this situation... >

Those were the only words running through the young girl's mind as she gazed lifelessly out of the MetroLine window. It was only a few months prior she was berating her chauffeur for dropping her off in front of a crowded gathering at her new university. Now, she's sits in silence on a crowded bullet train to a destination unknown. My, how quickly time changes. Even though it appeared tempers were at a high at that time, she did so fully knowing it would be her last time seeing him. Seeing her home, her wait staff, and most importantly, her father. Everything she's ever grown accustom too, she uprooted in a rash new pursuit at life: her own. At the university, even after it seemed she found all that she was looking for in the little time she was there, she's uprooted once more. Not on her own accord, but rather...

"Lady Charlotte, is anything the matter?"

The prim and proper voice ringing from the side of her jeans brought the wandering girl's mind back to reality. A bit startled by the sudden outburst, she fumbles picking up her PET to sharply reply "I'm fine, FencerMan!". Spoken in such a tone only those who are in constant contact with her would accept as normal and non-threatening, FencerMan gives a slight nod. "You are still thinking about it, correct, Lady Charlotte?" Charlotte rests her hand on her palm while peering once more out the window. "How can I not? If you have not realized it, we are no longer in Cynettica anymore!" "Yes, madam. I have noticed," FencerMan answers. After what seemed like an eternity of silence between the two, a frown formed on Charlotte's brow. "What was that hag Grace thinking, sending us to a place like this? It just screams 'poverty'! It's so depressing!" "I do not believe Grace had any grudges with you to do this intentionally," FencerMan slightly chuckles out mixed in with his ever-serious tone of speech. "So I believe it was just happenstance we were sent here." Charlotte glances back to her PET, now wearing an annoyed expression on her face. "Sure, FencerMan. 'Happenstance'. Was it happenstance that we were separated as well?"

FencerMan usual attire includes a retractable mesh mask that covers the upper half of his face while not in Battle mode, but at this point Charlotte knew even though she couldn't see it, FencerMan closed his eyes and raised his chin slightly. This would be what she's come to know as his patented 'Know-it-all' expression. "It was essential for both our safety, and the greater Cynettica populous, that it happened this way. In order for the Prysom Gems that both 'he' and I hold not to come into any form of contact with one another, it was necessary for the two of us to separate. Not only separations, but a complete cease of contact as well. It was a decision only a responsible Official would enforce, correct, Lady Charlotte?" Even more annoyed than before, Charlotte huffs out a sharp sigh while peering at FencerMan's "smug" appearance. "I hate it when you try to over-logic the situation," she lets off in an exhausted tone. "Don't you think I know that!?"

"...Then this is more about 'him' than it is starting over from scratch once more, correct, Lady Charlotte?"

Charlotte's eye's widened a bit in shock, her mold of anger and annoyance shattering upon hearing this. "Pssh! W-who cares about 'him'?" she stammers out while returning her gaze back towards the window. "Just like anyone of my servants, I just wanted to bring him along with me, is all. He's nothing but a mindless servant!" FencerMan, now knowing he was soon to be ignored for pushing Charlotte's button, lowered his head a bit after reading what Charlotte's reaction was really saying.

"I will miss him as well, Lady Charlotte..."

Charlotte never shows acknowledgment to FencerMan's final words, keeping her eyes on the passing buildings in the distance.

"Is this it, FencerMan? Please tell me your records are wrong!"

Charlotte now stood in front of a mid-sized, single storied blue and white house on one of the side avenues in a gated ACDC Town community. Barely holding on to her PET in her left hand, she continues to start at the house in complete confused wonderment. "My apologies, Lady Charlotte, but this is the correct address Grace sent to us." Charlotte drops her head in defeat when finally grasping the situation: This 'dinky sized poor-house' would now be her new home until further notice. "Well, she did mention it would be something you would be unaccustomed to. Please try not to let it get you down, Lady Charlotte." FencerMan's plea was only answered by silence. Attempting to find out if she was listening to him or not, he's interrupted by a low snicker that rolls into a loud, uncontrollable laughter of a madwoman. "Where's your 'happenstance' now, FencerMan? This looks as though the hag really did have it out for me! Wait until I see her again! Heads will roll for this, FencerMan! I am the last descendant of the Reigns family! Does she believe she really can treat me this way because she's an Official? I'll show her! I'll show all of them!!"

Charlotte was so baffled by the situation and her rant that she failed to notice that she'd already unlocked her front door, made her way past her lavishly furnished living room, decked out kitchen full of shine, her small, luxurious dining room, down the hall, and into her final destination, her room. The room held a queen-sized bed with a nice white/gold quilted cover, an oak dresser/mirror set that covered an entire wall by itself, a large bookshelf in the corner with a mixture of books and stuffed animals, as well as a desk with a sleek, top-of-the-line desktop computer with all the accessories. Still in a hissy-fit, she plopped down in the chair in front of the desk and boots up the computer. Popping up on the desktop was an icon of a silver cross silhouette on a gold backdrop - The Navi symbol of the Cynettic Net Official, Grace - attached to a 'README' file addressed for Charlotte's attention.

<Happy Housewarming, Ms. Reigns! I hope everything is to your liking. I doubt even a spoiled brat like yourself can complain about your new surroundings. I'll be in touch! Grace~>

"Is anything the matter, Lady Charlotte?" FencerMan slowly lets out, recognizing the seething, silent rage of his operator's construed face. "FencerMan..." she replies while positioning her PET to send the confused Navi online. "I DON'T CARE HOW FAR YOU HAVE TO GO OR HOW LONG IT TAKES! I ORDER YOU TO RETURN ALL THE WAY TO CYNETTICA AND DESTROY THAT BITCH OF A NAVI!!"

With that, FencerMan was promptly logged onto the Net, to carry out 'Mission: Search and Destroy Grace!'